Law Firms

  • The Am Law Daily

    Churns out original BigLaw coverage from dawn to dusk every business day, and they also never fail to focus on how national and world news might affect the Am Law 200. Posts cover law firm news, new litigation (with a focus on the firms involved), as well as major federal and state court rulings.

  • The Avera Law Firm Blog

    The Avera Law Firm Blog says it is "designed to update clients, vendors and other interested persons regarding law firm news, personnel, legal issues and legislative issues. The firm management welcomes posts and questions to the blog as an interactive means to provide information to the public."

  • The Belly of the Beast

    "Illuminating dark corners from an insider's perspective on BigLaw's ongoing transformation from a profession to a bottom-line business." Posts dissect and comment on news coverage relating to BigLaw life—and sometimes what the blogger hears from other BigLaw partners like himself (though he has recently retired).

  • The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times

    "Law and lobbying in the nation's capital." While the BLT's law firm news for the most part stays inside the Beltway, its concise and timely original reporting on all three branches of the federal government gives it national appeal.

  • The Careerist

    The blog has a stated goal of being a "career sherpa" for its readers. Some posts give advice to those who seek success in BigLaw or at least news about BigLaw hiring trends; other posts focus on women in the law and work-life balance issues.

  • The Conglomerate

    This blawg is a collaborative project covering business, law, economics and society.

  • The Estrin Report

    "Created for professional paralegals—not of a certain level, specialty or firm—but of a particular attitude."

  • The Greatest American Lawyer

    This blawg's focus is "changing the way law is practiced."

  • The Hildebrandt Blog

    "As consultants to the legal industry (both law firms and law departments), we are constantly thinking, speaking, and writing about how the legal profession is changing and what the future might hold. We've started this blog as a more informal way to share our thoughts, impressions, and predictions with interested readers."

  • The ICC Law Blawg

    "Education, employment and career-related news for the paralegal students of Illinois Central College and the paralegal professionals of central Illinois."

  • The Intelligent Challenge

    Posts discuss personal and professional development, client relationships, strategies for law firms and the Zen mindset.

  • The IP Law Blog

    Discussion of IP-related news, cases and legal issues.

  • The Law Insider

    "A daily blog dedicated to the business of law."

  • The Legal Watercooler

    Posts jump in the blogosphere's conversation about law firm marketing hits and misfires.

  • The Mad Clientist

    Posts cover practice management topics for law firm partners and in-house counsel.

  • The Paralegal Mentor

    "Dedicated to helping paralegals reach their professional goals while striking balance in their personal lives."

  • The Posse List

    "Your source for news, commentary and trends in the contract legal market."

  • The Practice

    "Helping law students and lawyers learn everything they wanted to know about law practice management, but did not learn in law school."

  • The Public Blawg

    This blawg covers court decisions and other news relevant to the practice of public law. It also provides information about law conferences and links to recently issued government documents.

  • The Rainmaker Blog

    "Law firm marketing and buisness development strategies."

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