Law in Popular Culture

“that’s what she said”

This blawg examines the NBC television series The Office and comes up with a per-episode estimate of the value of litigation claims against Dunder Mifflin.

Celebrity Justice

"Covers the intersection of celebrities and the law, including celebrities who break the law and celebrity legal problems." Posts also recap the TV show The Good Wife.


Posts focus on workplace no-nos as seen on TV as well as employment law issues in films (not necessarily recent) and real-life litigation behind the scenes of TV shows.

Guile is Good!

Posts seek lessons for ordinary lawyers from popular culture, history and news of the present day.

Law and the Multiverse

Will insurance pay for damage caused by supervillains? Are mutants covered by anti-discrimination laws? Could the ADA apply to superpowers? These questions and more are posed and answered.

The Coverage Geek

"An entertaining and informative update on California insurance law replete with references to popular culture."

The Employer’s Lawyer

"An interesting look at the changing labor and employment law landscape."

The Legal Geeks

Posts and podcasts cover the legal issues that arise (whether they are acknowledged or not) in TV shows and the latest theatrical releases—usually of the sci-fi / fantasy variety.

The Prime-Time Crime Review

Dedicated to critiquing each episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on the basis of what the show got right and wrong from a legal perspective.

The [Legal] Artist

The blog is aimed at art professionals interested in learning about employment contracts and their other legal rights; copyright news is also covered.

TVs And Law Degrees

"This blog recaps television shows while making legal references by citing and explaining the laws that characters break in the episodes."

xtremErisa - ( /

"An xtreme mix of postings covering . . . ERISA and pop culture!"

Zombie Law

This humorous blog offers legal advice for zombies in a variety of legal contexts, such as divorce, zombie discrimination and life insurance, among others.