Law Practice Management

  • JDs Rising

    "A blog for a new generation of Minnesota lawyers."

  • Jenkins Blog

    This blawg provides technology news affecting lawyers as well as tips on conducting legal research using technology or new book titles.

  • Jennifer Ellis, JD

    Posts explore issues related to technology, law practice management, social media and CLE.

  • Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog

    This blawg covers "law practice management, the Internet and technology as it applies both in law practice and in all of our lives."

  • John Flood’s Random Academic Thoughts (RATs)

    "I am a legal academic commenting on the strange worlds of law, legal profession, bureaucracy, universities, and globalization."

  • Jottings By an Employer’s Lawyer

    Employment law-related discussions and legal information.

  • Jurisdynamics

    "Jurisdynamics describes the interplay between legal responses to exogenous change and the law's endogenous adaptive capacity. This blog focuses on tools (mathematics, linguistics, complexity theory, and biology) and subjects (regulation, innovation, environmental law, and natural disasters) that invite jurisdynamic analysis."

  • Justia Law, Technology and Legal Marketing Blog

    Posts cover legal issues related to privacy and social media as well as pointing readers toward law practice technology and where to access to primary and secondary source legal materials.

  • Koehler Law

    The author writes about criminal law and procedure in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia and about the challenges of starting a law firm. He also "discusses current events, new case law, trial strategies, and the legal blogosphere, with some gossip, poetry and humor thrown in for good measure."

  • Kyle-Beth Hilfer Law Blog

    Blog focuses on advertising and marketing law, social media, and trademark/copyright issues. Posts cover issues such as "Ten Steps for Managing Employees in Social Media" and "Privacy Issues with the Media."

  • Larry Bodine

    This blog links to news stories and studies about law firms' marketing-related activities and makes notes of those who are and aren't successful, advises law firms on how their marketing dollars should be spent and reviews newly published books about networking and marketing.

  • Law and Magic Blog

    This blog is there for when the long arm of the law touches magicians; it also features lawyers who use magic in their practice. A new paranormal TV show might merit a post, too.

  • Law Blog

    " on law and business and the business of law." The Wall Street Journal's legal blog features a half-dozen detailed posts daily on a wide variety of legal topics from law firm shakeups—sometimes featuring interviews with BigLaw names—to the U.S. Supreme Court. Posts frequently include links to pleadings and other relevant legal documents.

  • Law Firm Blog ׀ Attorney Marketing

    "News, tips and information for attorneys to succeed in search engine marketing."

  • Law Firm CFO

    "For every law firm managing partner and administrator who has ever asked the question: 'WHY ME?' "

  • Law Firm Coach Blog

    "Covers best practices in law firm management and strategy."

  • Law Firm Mobile

    "Tracks, describes, analyzes, and comments on developments in the growing interest by law firms and lawyers in using the mobile space to reach out to clients and contacts. The blog covers a range of topics, from iPhone and Android mobile apps to mobile-ready websites to law firm pioneers in the use of tablet computing."

  • Law Firm Risk Management Blog

    "Law firm risk management. Discussion of risk issues and trends. Compliance, conflicts, intake and other concerns for law firm risk professionals."

  • Law Firm SEO

    "Free information to attorneys on how to get found by prospective clients online."

  • Law Firm Web Strategy Blog

    "Web innovation in the legal space and making the connection to law firm business interests." Posts contain blunt advice for lawyers who want to improve their professional reputations and bring in clients through their firm's website, blogging and other social media tools—and they also detail the nuts and bolts of the work involved in stepping things up online.

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