Law Practice Management

  • Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

    Lawyer and longtime journalist Ambrogi takes a critical approach to new and revamped websites aimed at providing services to those in the legal profession. He kicks the tires, gauging how these sites do—or don’t—work for practitioners.

  • Rocket Matter

    "A great source of information for Internet-related innovations that enhance the practice of law."

  • Roland Schorr & Tower

    Posts offer tips for use of Microsoft products and other office technology.

  • Ross Ipsa Loquitur Blog

    Ross Ipsa Loquitur is an active blawg that chronicles the legal technology trends, tools, techniques, gadgets and concepts from the perspective of legal technologist Ross Kodner and his team from With a mix of insightfulness and irreverence, subscribers laud the blawg for both is educational and entertainment attributes - Ross calls it "edutainment!"

  • SC Access to Justice Weblog

    The blog is an extension of the South Carolina Access to Justice Commission and provides updates on issues involving ways for the public to obtain legal representation and how lawyers can get involved.

  • Second Effort

    "Laboring in the obscurity he so richly deserves, your crusty correspondent offers his views on just about everything. Nothing herein should be taken too seriously: If you look closely, you can see the twinkle in the Old Curmudgeon's eye. Or is that a cataract?"

  • Settlement Perspectives

    "Tips on how to resolve disputes and get your deal done."

  • Shatterbox

    "Shares and promotes ideas, insights and actionable advice on law firm marketing in the Social Media Age."

  • Sixth Circuit Blog

    Commentary and summaries of cases before the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Slaw

    A blog by and for the legal research and IT community in Canada. The name "Slaw" was chosen in deference to Salon and Slate and because "there's the notion that a cooperative weblog with many contributors is bound to consist of a great many (nutritious) small pieces in rather a jumble."

  • SlawTips

    "Advice you can use—short and to the point—every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday." This group blog's short posts offer law practice management anecdotes and tips that are often technology-related.

  • Small Firm Innovation

    Blogger-columnists share advice and anecdotes with solo and small-firm lawyers about running a law practice, networking and marketing a law practice by both "old school" means and social media platforms. November's theme was "working on the go."

  • Social Media for Law Firms by Samantha Collier

    "What law firms need to know about social media. Resources. Strategy. Discussion."

  • Solo In Chicago … Grow Your Practice!

    In its own words, this blawg focuses on "empowering the Second City's entrepreneurial legal community."

  • SOLO in COLO

    "Designed and intended to build an online community of Colorado solo and small-firm attorneys, with posts by attorneys along with information about practice management, office management, marketing, technology, and other resources."

  • Solo Practice University® Blog

    "Newly minted or well-seasoned, teaching you how to create and grow your legal practice." Business planning from the ground up: marketing, getting clients, keeping clients.

  • Sololawyer

    "Strategies and support for solo attorneys."

  • SourcingSpeak

    Blog is about outsourcing and hiring contract employees, cloud computing, technology, cost optimization and privacy and security. It's written for a corporate audience.

  • Strategic Legal Technology Blog

    "Regular updates about interesting developments and themes in the application of technology to law practice and law business." For law firms and law departments on a quest for efficiency through technology and staffing. Posts cover knowledge management, outsourcing and alternate fee arrangements.

  • Sustained!

    "Current legal events from a modern black perspective."

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