Law Practice Management

  • Reid My Blog!

    "Furthering innovation in management, governance, and ethics for lawyers and their firms." Topics include pro bono work, data mining, technology tips and an annual gift-giving guide for lawyers.

  • Responsive Law

    Posts are related to the costs of legal services and the ethics of attempts to defray those costs via third-party litigation funding, outsourcing, the unbundling of legal services, et cetera.

  • rethinc.k

    "Thoughts on the business of legal publishing."

  • reThink Law Firm Consulting

    Posts address law firm management, social media strategies for law firms and sometimes spotlight law firms that are "doing it right."

  • Rethinking the Legal Profession

    "It's time to start 'thinking outside of the box' and having honest discussions leading to meaningful change in the practice of law."

  • Richard Zorza’s Access to Justice Blog

    "We define access to justice broadly to include innovations in courts, the bar, legal aid and community that make it easier for people to obtain access to justice institutions, and to just results within those institutions." Posts cover a broad range of subjects, including access to counsel, foreclosures, self-service, law schools and technology.

  • Ride the Lightning

    Posts investigate the latest issues in computer forensics and e-discovery. Lawyer/consultant Sharon Nelson guides readers as she explores new technologies and reacts, sometimes
    with incredulity, at the stunning revelations from lax oversight and poor records management.

  • Rifkin Consulting

    Posts answer career-related questions that a practicing attorney might have, encourage attorneys seeking a job change to work with a recruiter and offer tips on business cards and resumes.

  • Right Brain Law

    "Blogging the right-brain revolution in the legal industry."

  • Right-Tasking®

    Posts discuss LPOs, outsourcing, risk management, legal technology and advice for in-house lawyers.

  • Rip Van Legal

    "I worked in law enforcement for about fifteen years before becoming a lawyer. Carried a badge, gun and everything. This pretty much means I have some of the most hilarious professional experiences that anyone could imagine. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up, but you can write about it."

  • Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

    Lawyer and longtime journalist Ambrogi takes a critical approach to new and revamped websites aimed at providing services to those in the legal profession. He kicks the tires, gauging how these sites do—or don’t—work for practitioners.

  • Rocket Matter

    "A great source of information for Internet-related innovations that enhance the practice of law."

  • Roland Schorr & Tower

    Posts offer tips for use of Microsoft products and other office technology.

  • SC Access to Justice Weblog

    The blog is an extension of the South Carolina Access to Justice Commission and provides updates on issues involving ways for the public to obtain legal representation and how lawyers can get involved.

  • Second Effort

    "Laboring in the obscurity he so richly deserves, your crusty correspondent offers his views on just about everything. Nothing herein should be taken too seriously: If you look closely, you can see the twinkle in the Old Curmudgeon's eye. Or is that a cataract?"

  • SEO | Law Firm Blog

    Posts cover recent studies and news related to major search engines and explain how these moves can affect your law firm's Web presence. The blog also hosts an occasional Law Firm Marketing Podcast.

  • Settlement Perspectives

    "Tips on how to resolve disputes and get your deal done."

  • SeytLines: Changing the Practice of Law

    The blog offers marketing advice, strategies, law practice management tips and internal issue advice.

  • Shatterbox

    "Shares and promotes ideas, insights and actionable advice on law firm marketing in the Social Media Age."

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