Law Practice Management

  • Texas Employment Law Blog

    Employment law and policy blawg.

  • The “Ivy” Files

    Focusing on life after college, including going to grad school and law school, posts aim to help recent graduates make smart choices.

  • The Ad Blog

    "The Ad Blog covers the latest in pay-per-click advertising and Adwords developments, as well as tutorials for online advertising and marketing tactics for lawyers."

  • The Adventure of Strategy

    The Adventure of Strategy offers "regular high-quality snippets and insights into the sharp side of strategy. The side that is interesting, stimulating, provocative and, yes, even adventurous."

  • The Attorney Marketing Blog

    "Marketing tips, ideas and strategies that help increase a law firm's revenue for both online and offline efforts."

  • The Attorney Marketing Center

    "The Attorney Marketing Center helps lawyers earn more, work less and create a life of balance. We provide training and resources in the areas of marketing, productivity, personal development and wealth creation."

  • The Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog

    "Surviving Bankruptcy Reform and Bankruptcy Law Changes."

  • The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog

    Discussion of bankruptcy law, legal issues and policy.

  • The Barrister

    The blog offers summaries and opinions on the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and the South Carolina Supreme Court, as well as information on legal technology and technology law.

  • The Business of Law

    Posts cover both tort law and law practice management issues.

  • The California Blog of Appeal

    "The California Blog of Appeal is an appellate practitioner's take on practice and legal developments in the California Courts of Appeal, California Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. But it's not just for appellate lawyers. ... Trial lawyers will also be interested in the focus of this blog," which includes "(1) substantive legal developments; (2) appellate procedure, standards of review, and appellate jurisdiction that can greatly influence how a trial attorney shapes litigation at the trial level; (3) post-trial practice in the trial courts; and (4) writing, oral advocacy, and other practical skills."

  • The Civil Action Channel Blog

    "Justice is truth in action," the blawg says, quoting Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

  • The Connected Lawyer

    A blawg discussing advances in legal technology and the effects that it has upon the practice of law.

  • The Conversation

    "Capturing interesting conversations in the course of my work ..."

  • The Cuban Revolution

    "So it shall be written ... so it shall be done!"

  • The Cyber Advocate

    "Seeks to help attorneys utilize the tools and technology available to improve efficiency, decrease expenses, and better serve their clients."

  • The Droid Lawyer

    Posts take note of new Android-powered devices and apps and how lawyers can use them in their practices.

  • The Fonenteau Firm

    A blawg about diversity, the law and the legal profession.

  • The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It

    Technology and patent law news and litigation as well as Internet and media law topics. Many posts also cover the latest PDA devices and their applications.

  • The Gavel: From the MSBA Young Lawyers Section

    Discusses business of law and law practice management issues.

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