Law Practice Management

  • Translation For Lawyers

    This is a legal blawg of interest to lawyers who occasionally or regularly deal with clients, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses from other cultures or who encounter foreign-language evidence requiring foreign-language document translation in the course of litigation.

  • Trial Lawyer Resource Center

    Features tips and practical advice to help trial lawyers better select cases, develop trial strategy and represent injured consumers.

  • Up to Par

    Up to Par posts information, resources and advice for lawyers who want to balance work and home life.

  • Valley Lawyer Marketing

    Posts about internet marketing for lawyers in Southern California, reviews of California law firms' websites and legal news from California.

  • Vancouver Law Librarian Blog

    Highlighted sources on legal knowledge, Web development, and law library management.

  • VeraSage

    "Don't think like us, think with us. VeraSage Institute is the most revolutionary think tank for professional service firms—we challenge the professions to break free of practice methods that hurt the professions, undermine their purposes, and fail their clients." Posts cover actions by law firms and other professional service firms that are aligned with VeraSage's principles.

  • Virgin Islands Law Blog

    "U.S. Virgin Islands law & politics."

  • Virtual Law Practice

    Solo practitioner Stephanie Kimbro has operated a virtual law firm out of Wilmington, N.C., for five years. She uses her experience to write about the ethics, technology and practical aspects involved in virtual lawyering. Her Twitter stream is a great place to look for any stories written about virtual law practice.

  • Virtual Marketing Officer

    Posts cover marketing and business development strategies for law firms.

  • Virtually Blind

    Virtually Blind calls itself a blog on "virtual law, covering legal news, issues, and events that impact virtual worlds."

  • Visual and Nonverbal Communication

    "Communicating effectively in the boardroom, courtroom and living room."

  • WardblawG

    "Legal updates for lawyers and businesses. Mainly re intellectual property law and information technology law." Other posts discuss marketing through social media and legal writing tips for law students.

  • Web Marketing for Lawyers

    "A blog to educate attorneys on Internet marketing."

  • What About Clients?

    "What About Clients? is a weblog which contains my personal ideas and thoughts on servicing business clients as valued customers in American law firms. I started it in 2005 because I think that 1) the level of service at even the best American law firms is often inattentive and erratic—and that troubles me—and 2) even where service is sound, it can be a lot better."

  • What Makes Lawyers Tick?

    Posts cover the use of psychology principles to evaluate lawyer job candidates; how law firms can use positive psychology and teach / evaluate "emotional intelligence"; and relevant social science findings as they relate to lawyers.

  • What’s New? @ Legal Marketing Reader

    The companion blawg that discusses new features on the meta news site Legal Marketing Reader.

  • Where’s Travis McGee?

    "Dispatches" from stints in Afghanistan and links to other news stories and blawg posts.

  • Willens Law Offices Blog

    This blog posts are about personal injury law, medical malpractice, workers' compensation and the practice of trial law. Also repurposes the author's monthly column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

  • WisBlawg - From the UW Law Library

    Legal research and Internet news and information with an emphasis on Wisconsin.

  • Wise Leader

    "Discusses topics in business leadership and management."

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