Law Practice Management

  • Bow Tie Law’s Blog

    Posts summarize new additions to the growing amount of case law developing around electronic discovery in both criminal and civil litigation.

  • Briefly Technical

    "Analysis of technical news and issues associated with both digital and analog legal marketing."

  • Buckeye Legal Tech

    "Focused on providing practical technology tips and how-to instructions for attorneys to make their jobs a little easier and more efficient. Some occasional technology and science commentary will be sprinkled in as well."

  • Business Development Series

    "Information from a business development coach’s perspective."

  • Business of Law Blog

    "Software solutions for the business of law." Posts cover key legal technology trends and events.

  • CAFA Law Blog

    Features news, information, case analysis and insights into the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005.

  • California Employee Rights Blog

    Discussion of California employment law and legal issues.

  • California Family Law Blog

    Covers adoption, child support, divorce and other family law issues with a focus on California law.

  • California Labor & Employment Law Blog

    "Keeps employers with workforces in California informed and current about ongoing legal developments affecting the workplace."

  • Charon QC

    Posts and comments cover the practice of law, individual liberties and legal education with a United Kingdom focus. The author also interviews other lawyers in his podcasts.

  • Chicago Personal Injury Law Blog

    Discussion and news about personal injury cases and causes of action.

  • China Esquire: Law and Business Blog

    "Chinese law, business, and society blog, which contains analysis and commentary on practicing law and doing business with Chinese clients."

  • China Hearsay

    Commentary and analysis of law and business in China.

  • China Law Blog

    Posts cover China business news and entertain with links to fish-out-of-water posts about being an American in China.

  • Chuck Newton

    "Preachings and teachings from my perspective inside a third-wave law firm. Appealing to spare room tycoons, home office lawyers, downshifters, carpet commuters, connected attorneys, law students and wannabes." Posts cover law school news and emerging law practice niches.

  • Cisco Blog > High Tech Policy

    "Thoughts and opinions on high-tech public policy." Blawggers comment on telecom news, professional announcements and policy in the U.S. and abroad.

  • CMCP Legal News

    "News and substantive articles written by CMCP member attorneys on issues relating to various areas of legal expertise."

  • Collaborative Divorce Newsblog

    "Helping people make respectful, civilized, values-based transitions from couple to single."

  • Complex Discovery

    "Contains information, tools, and tactics relevant to the growing electronic discovery market. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and with that in mind, hopefully the content provided on this blog will help you as you translate complex discovery into executional simplicity."

  • ComplianceTimes

    "Compliance news and views. Setting compliance ideas in context of management."

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