Law Practice Management

  • Disputing

    "Conversations about dispute resolution."

  • Divorce Discourse

    Posts contain advice about law practice management, marketing and legal technology for family law practitioners and for those who want to practice family law.

  • Dominate Law

    "Posts contain timely articles on improving law practice websites, utilizing social media, and improving Internet marketing strategy. The blog shares tips that are equally beneficial for start-up law firms and established practices of all sizes."

  • DT Law

    Posts endeavor to answer questions clients may have about what lawyers do.

  • DuetsBlog

    Posts cover trademark litigation cases that inspire amusement or raise interesting questions.

  • Durham-in-Wonderland

    "Comments and analysis about the Duke/Nifong case."

  • e-discovery 2.0

    Discusses e-discovery issues, trends and news, including recent court cases and interviews with people in the legal industry.

  • E-Discovery Beat

    Covers "the legal process management zeitgeist, from case law and industry trends to analyst reports, forums and emerging best practices."

  • e-Discovery Insights

    "Insights—with an emphasis on facilitating the relationship between legal and technology professionals." Posts cover Internet law cases of interest and discuss e-discovery and the author's general thoughts about the use of social media.

  • Ed Wesemann

    Posts cover law firm management strategies as they apply to law firm mergers, dealing with difficult or underperforming lawyers, and pricing.

  • eDiscovery Daily

    Posts offer tips on conducting electronic discovery, including data searches, management techniques and new technologies.

  • eDiscovery Insight

    "Candid analysis of the issues, process and technology involved in electronic discovery."

  • eDiscovery Service Blog

    "Posts simplify and give clarity to the ever-changing, complex world of ESI and discovery by providing workflow examples, best practice tips, and assessing recent court rulings and news updates."

  • EdiscoveryMap

    "Posts focus on privacy and EU data protection, ediscovery, and social media laws, cases and policies. Some examples are 'The Meaning of “Consent” in the EU Data Protection Framework: A New Article 29 Working Party Opinion', 'The Review of the EU Data Protection Framework v. The State of Online Consumer Privacy in the US' and 'Privacy, European Union Data Protection and EDiscovery'." Twitter Weekly Updates is a recurring column of aggregated tweets.

  • eLawyering Blog

    Posts cover how law firms and other entities are delivering varying degrees of legal services online and gauge the public's attitude toward these new business models.

  • Electronic Discovery Law

    Electronic Discovery Law covers "legal issues, news and best practices relating to the discovery of electronically stored information."

  • eLegal Canton

    The blawg contains comments on technology-based legal issues including privacy, IP, and IT.

  • eMedia Law Insider

    "Whether you are just beginning the next groundbreaking internet startup, finding the next social media or internet marketing campaign or have been in existence for hundreds of years and are trying to figure out the new media landscape, you will have to face legal issues that are specifically-tailored and trying to keep up with Web 2.0."

  • Equal Justice Works

    "Learn about the latest public interest legal news; receive educational debt relief tips; and hear about the amazing work Equal Justice Works Fellows are doing to help communities in need."

  • ERM Legal Solutions

    "Captures commentary on legal industry business models, technology and the law, innovation, culture change and legal practice management."

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