Law Professor

  • Aviation Law Prof Blog

    A regularly-updated blawg featuring aviation law news and commentary.

  • Balkinization

    "Balkinization an unanticipated consequence of Jack M. Balkin." This blawg focuses on constitutional, First Amendment and civil liberties issues.

  • Ball in your Court

    Posts share the author's opinions on e-discovery debates and answer e-discovery questions posed by readers.

  • Banking Law Prof Blog

    A regularly updated blog covering banking law news and issues. The blog is part of the Law Professor Blogs Network.

  • barnold law

    "Irreverent critique of developments in European Union, U.S. and Australian 'new technology' law."

  • Best Practices for Legal Education

    Law professor-bloggers exchange ideas, concerns, and opinions concerning the future of legal education. Posts also cover news from the Association of American Law Schools.

  • Birdsong’s Law Blog

    "A whimsical look at law and politics."

  • Blog Law Blog

    "The blog devoted to blog law—that is, the legal aspects of blogging. Topics include blog-related intellectual property law, Internet regulation, defamation, and censorship, as well as how blogs are used as evidence and authority in the courts."

  • Blogstra

    "Abstracts to articles, faculty discussion, posting syllabi for classes and more."

  • BLS Library Blog

    "Provides news and views on matters of interest to the Brooklyn Law School community."

  • Bluhm Blog

    "Discussions on clinical education, justice and legal reform."

  • Bracton’s sister

    "A blog featuring recent research, particularly on medieval plea rolls. Mostly medieval legal history."

  • Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports

    This blog highlights academic job openings and covers salaries of professors, salaries of recent law school graduates, recent law review articles and other law school news. It can also be counted on to come up with its own rankings of law schools and law reviews.

  • Business Law Prof Blog

    Discussions by academics of business law and policy. "A Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network."

  • California Appellate Report

    "Thoughts on recent Ninth Circuit and California appellate cases."

  • California Corporate & Securities Law

    Posts cover developments in corporate and securities law—mostly the latest in California, but also federal law.

  • Campus—ADR Tech Blog

    "My work explores innnovative ways to support conflict resolution knowledge and skill development, with recent efforts focused on the use of technology and the world wide web," and this is reflected on the blawg, which discusses various conflict resolution-related topics.

  • Carolina Blawg

    This is the blawg of the Katherine R. Everett Law Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • Case Clothesed

    "Meant to keep the public informed and knowledgeable about all things fashionably law and legally fashionable."

  • Center for Law and Religion Forum

    Posts provide commentary on law and religion issues in the news and around the Web, highlight new books in law and religion, and note news around the world of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law in their nation when they practice their religion or express their religious views.

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