Law Professor

  • PASS: Practical Academic Support Services

    Information and motivation to help readers pass the California bar examination.

  • Patent Law Jobs by Patently-O

    "Employers post patent-related jobs; job-seekers find patent-related jobs."

  • Patently-O

    Is described as "the most popular patent law blog and a daily read for thousands of attorneys and agents from every major IP firm, innovative corporation, and TC at the USPTO."

  • Pixelization

    Intellectual property and entertainment law.

  • PoLawTics

    "Political news through a legal lens."

  • Poverty Law

    Features news, cases, books and analysis relating to poverty law.

  • PrawfsBlawg

    "Where intellectual honesty has (almost always) trumped partisanship—albeit in a kind of boring way until recently—since 2005." The authors post about books and papers, law school job openings, concerns of working professors, and "a variety of topics related to law and life."

  • Pretrial, Trial & Appellate Advocacy Blog

    "Intended for professors, adjunct professors, trial advocacy trainers, practicing lawyers and law students with an interest in all things about pretrial, trial and appellate advocacy."

  • Professional Responsibility Blog

    "Commentary and news updated daily on issues related to legal ethics, professional responsibility, legal malpractice and lawyering in general."

  • offers a potpourri of posts mainly about corporate law. But Stephen Bainbridge isn't averse to expressing his opinions about social issues, religion, politics and (possibly his dearest passions) wine and food.

  • PropertyProf Blog

    Covers news, issues and developments in property law, mainly for a legal education audience.

  • Ratio Juris

    "Law, politics, philosophy."

  • Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log

    Covers issues surrounding false advertising, copyright and commercial speech as well as matters involving students and legal scholarship.

  • Red Lion Reports

    This blawg offers advice and other information to law students (particularly those at Penn State) about dealing with writing endeavors and day-to-day stress. It also highlights and links to discussions on other blawgs, and takes a big-picture look at legal items in the news.

  • REFinBlog

    Posts cover topics in real estate, deeds, financial documents and other legal issues nationwide.

  • RegBlog

    "Tracks key developments related to regulation and regulatory processes as well as new research, new ideas, and new regulatory proposals and policies."

  • Related Topics

    "The focus is on family law, particularly the law of who is a parent. The purpose of this blog is not to teach the law of any particular state or country. You may find other websites that attempt that task. I do not. Instead, I want to promote a conversation about what the law should be. Looking at the law of different places (be they different states or different countries) is helpful because it gives us examples to react to and talk about. My hope is that you will join me in the project and that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts."

  • Religion Clause

    Posts are devoted to news, issues and commentary re­lating to the free exercise of religion and church-state separation. Some posts cover the intersection of religious law and secular law.

  • Reproductive Rights Prof Blog

    Features news, information, scholarship and resources mainly for law school professors who teach and write about reproductive rights.

  • Res Communis

    A blog on the legal aspects of human activities using aerospace technologies.

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