Law Professor

  • The Yin Blog

    "Law, politics, pop culture, sports, and a touch of Oregon."


    News updates and analysis related to corporate governance, the Securities and Exchange Commission, shareholder actions, executive compensation and the Delaware Court of Chancery.

  • ThinkingOpen

    News, notes and thoughts on open source software and technology licensing law.

  • Tillers on Evidence and Inference

    Covers news and developments relating to evidence, legal theory and legal education.

  • Torts

    Discusses tort law legislation, news and cases. Topics include injury and accident, medical malpractice and product liability.

  • TortsProf Blog

    Covers news, legislation, reform moves and other issues related to torts.

  • Touro Law Center Career Services Office

    Features announcements about training, education and employment opportunities for young lawyers and law students.

  • Truth on the Market

    "Academic commentary on law, business, economics and more." Law profs write about behavioral economics and give the straight dope about how market forces will reshape the legal profession.

  • Turtle Talk

    "Turtle Talk is the blog for the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law. We will be making announcements about our activities and about the activities of the MSU Native American Law Students Association."

  • Unincorporated Business Law Prof Blog

    Covers news, scholarship and cases involving unincorporated businesses.

  • University of Alberta Faculty Blog

    "Commentary on current events and devolopments in Canadian, international and foreign law."

  • Verdict

    Posts cover interesting cases of first impression throughout the country; the constitutionality of institutions' laws and policies; and op-eds on controversies in the news.

  • Veterans Disability Blog

    "Tips and comments for veterans and their families as they try to get Veterans Administration service-connected disability compensation benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs."

  • walshslaw

    "The focus of this blog is the federal judicial power. But anything broadly related to law is fair game."

  • Walter Hutchens’ Blog

    News, information and commentary about law and technology relating to China.

  • Washington College of Law News

    News and updates about happenings at American University's Washington College of Law.

  • Wealth Strategies Journal

    "Developments and in-depth articles on estate planning and taxation, asset protection, business succession planning, fiduciary issues, high-net-worth families and family offices, insurance, investments, marketing, multigenerational values, philanthropy and retirement benefits."

  • Wendy’s Blog: Legal Tags

    "Musings of a techie lawyer."

  • Western New England School of Law Blawg

    "Happenings at the Blake Law Center."

  • White-Collar Crime Prof Blog

    Covers news, prosecutions, investigations, settlements and issues relating to white-collar crime.

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