Law Professor

  • CrimProf Blog

    Features news, information, course materials, scholarship and research primarily for those teaching criminal law.


    "Observations on technology, law and lawlessness." Posts take note of laws related to computer-based crime, issues that arise with digital evidence in criminal cases, and how lawyers and jurors can commit ethical breaches through their use of technology.

  • C|M|LAW Faculty Blog

    "This blog highlights news, events, media coverage, and other activities of C|M|LAW faculty."

  • DealBook

    "Commentary on deals and the dealmakers behind them." This is a continuously updated site providing legal and mergers & acquisitions news.


    Features news, commentary and analysis of a variety of mainly legal and political topics mixed with personal musings.

  • Division of Labour

    Economics, law tidbits and news of the weird.

  • Doing Justice

    "Deconstruction is justice."

  • Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog

    "Comments, discussion, and analysis of issues and stories dealing with labor and employment law."

  • Dorf on Law

    Features "law-related musings by Cornell professor Michael Dorf and some of his lawyer/law professor friends."

  • E-Lessons Learned

    "Each blog post: (a) identifies cases that address technology mishaps (either through negligence, ethical lapses in judgment, too much reliance on outside counsel and vendors, or fraud); (b) exposes the specific conduct that caused a problem; (c) explains how and why the conduct was improper; and (d) offers suggestions on how to learn from these mistakes and prevent similar ones from reoccurring."

  • ED Michigan IP Report

    "News and commentary on IP litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan."

  • Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers

    "Putting knowledge into practice."

  • Elder Law Prof Blog

    Covers elder law, elder care, government resources and related legal news and issues.

  • Election Law @ Moritz

    "The focus of the EL@M website is election administration - laws dealing with voter registration, voter ID, early and absentee voting, provisional balloting, poll workers and polling place procedures, recounts and election contests, and other related issues."

  • Election Law Blog

    Closely covers the law of politics, including election law, campaign finance, legislation, voting rights, initiatives, redistricting, and U.S. Supreme Court nominations. Tracks election administration mishaps, financing issues and election snafus.

  • Empirical Legal Studies

    "The ELS blog serves as an online forum to discuss and provide links for emerging empirical legal scholarship, provide conference updates, discuss empirical claims that have emerged in public and political discourse, facilitate discussion for guest empirical scholars and assess current empirical findings and methodologies."

  • Environmental Law Prof Blog

    Posts cover policy, regulation and enforcement issues concerning environmental law, climate change, oil wells, Caribbean reefs and waste management.

  • Eric Posner

    Posts cover international law, legal scholarship and constitutional originalism.

  • EvidenceProf Blog

    Posts cover appellate rulings that pertain to the federal rules of evidence

  • Excess of Democracy

    "Perhaps little more than my own often-conflicted views about what the 'right' democracy is." Posts discuss election law and legal education topics.

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