Law Professor

  • Fair Competition Law

    "Designed to cover laws, cases, and news relating to what can be generally grouped under the heading "unfair competition." Specifically, the blog covers trade secrets, restrictive covenants (such as noncompetition agreements and nonsolicitation agreements), privacy."

  • Family Law Prof Blog

    Covers family law related news and issues, including marriage, divorce, adoption, child abuse, domestic violence and reproductive issues.

  • FCPA Professor

    "A forum devoted to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. In addition to covering the 'who, what, and where' of FCPA enforcement actions, news, and related topics, FCPA Professor also explores the more analytical 'why' questions increasingly present in this current era of aggressive enforcement. By injecting a candid and informed scholarly voice into the issues, FCPA Professor fosters a forum for critical analysis and discussion of the FCPA and related topics. Consistent with this mission, FCPA Professor frequently publishes guest commentary on the FCPA and related topics."

  • Federal Civil Practice Bulletin

    Federal Civil Practice Bulletin is dedicated to federal civil practice and procedure.

  • Feminist Law Professors

    Highlights the work of feminist law professors and contains information about articles and events that are likely to be of interest to them. Posts cover court cases, legislation and scholarship related to sexual discrimination for like-minded readers, as well as alert them to relevant conferences.

  • Feminist Legal Theory

    News stories about women in the legal workplace and political arena.

  • Fuller Tax Blog

    "Fuller Tax Blog is intended to provide relevant news to tax professionals and explain common tax problems and concepts with answers directly from the tax law."

  • Gender & Sexuality Law Blog

    "A forum for students, faculty and law school alums to discuss current issues in gender and sexuality law.

  • George Anastaplo’s Blog

    "Selected writings by and about George Anastaplo."

  • Global Military Justice Reform

    The blog focuses specifically on regulation in military courts and martial justice.

  • Goldman’s Observations

    This blawg offers perspectives on law schools, lawyers and life as a law professor.

  • Governing Through Crime

    News about security measures, crime, sentencing and prisons (with a particular focus on California), and thoughts about crime's powerful impact on political strategies and how governments spend the taxpayers' money.

  • Groklaw

    Groklaw covers legal news of interest to the free software and open source community, such as the SCO litigation regarding Linux. Additionally, the site offers attorneys technical advice. Any attorney can submit technical questions that they might need to understand to be able to handle a deposition, for example, of an expert.

  • GT Restructuring Review

    A blog covering aspects of business insolvency, lending, borrowing and federal regulation on lending.

  • Health Care Justice Blog

    "A comprehensive resource about inequity and barriers in the U.S. health care system, and how the law impacts health care access: news stories, legal developments, regulatory action, health reform, policy reports and more ..."

  • Health Reform Watch

    "Seeks to provide an open forum for academics, medical professionals, policy makers, journalists, lawyers, students and concerned citizens as we, as a country, attempt to navigate the imperative of health care reform."

  • HealthLawBlog

    HealthLawBlog discusses cases, legislation and news about health law.

  • HealthLawProf Blog

    Features health law news and information, including analysis of the FDA and the healthcare industry.

  • Hearsay Culture

    This blawg is dedicated to the KZSU-FM (Stanford University) radio interview show and podcast Hearsay Culture, “an interview talk show that focuses on the intersection of technology and society. How is our world impacted by the great technological changes taking place? Each week, a different sphere is explored.”

  • Holman’s Biotech IP Blog

    "My primary research interests lie at the intersection of biotechnology and intellectual property. This blog provides analysis and commentary on recent developments relevant to this area of the law."

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