Law Schools

  • Stephen Mayson » An Independent Mind

    Posts center on the futures of law firms and legal education with a focus on the United Kingdom.

  • Suffolk Law Library Blog

    Discussion of law, legal resources and research aides, with focus on Massachusetts. Numerous links to Suffolk University Law School faculty and resources.

  • TaxProf Blog

    Posts cover covers tax law and policy, with forays into law school news.

  • Technology at Albany Law School

    The blog focuses on technology issues and resources mainly having to do with Albany Law School.

  • The “Ivy” Files

    Focusing on life after college, including going to grad school and law school, posts aim to help recent graduates make smart choices.

  • The Cardinal Lawyer

    A direct link to the University of Louisville School of Law and to the dean's office for alumni and legal professionals.

  • The Conglomerate

    This blawg is a collaborative project covering business, law, economics and society.

  • The Faculty Blog

    The Faculty Blog posts articles and observations by scholars associated with the University of Chicago Law School and links to the related The Faculty Podcast.

  • The Jobless Juris Doctor

    "A blog to vent about the evils of the legal profession, the law school scam, and being jobless with a JD."

  • The Law School Tuition Bubble

    "An amateurly illustrated think tank of one." The author conducts empirical research about legal education; student debt; and law students, law schools and lawyers per capita (of which he keeps an archive).

  • The Legal Whiteboard

    "Trends, facts and ideas on law and legal education." Posts note scholarship related to legal education reform.

  • The Loyola Current

    "The Loyola Current is designed to be a highly accessible forum that delivers breaking updates on maritime court decisions, news and commentary."

  • The Res Ipsa Loquitur Online: A University of Miami School of Law Blog

    The blog is affiliated with the Res Ipsa Loquitur Online, a student newspaper of the University of Miami School of Law. Content includes articles and photography on a variety of topics, ranging from campus news to national legal developments.

  • The Right Coast

    The Right Coast has "thoughts from San Diego on law, politics and culture."

  • The Student Appeal

    An online law journal, posts include law-related articles and editorials discussion law and policy issues, careers open to law school graduates.

  • Tillers on Evidence and Inference

    Covers news and developments relating to evidence, legal theory and legal education.

  • Tipping the Scales

    Posts cover information relevant to law students and law school applicants, such as law job statistics, productivity tips, and news related to law schools.

  • Today and Tomorrow

    "Blog began with preparing to take the LSAT and continues with beginning law school full time, fall 2011."

  • Touro Law Center Career Services Office

    Features announcements about training, education and employment opportunities for young lawyers and law students.

  • Trial Advocacy Blog

    The blog focuses on trial advocacy through the lens of Temple University's Beasley School of Law.

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