Law Schools

  • The Faculty Blog

    The Faculty Blog posts articles and observations by scholars associated with the University of Chicago Law School and links to the related The Faculty Podcast.

  • The Jobless Juris Doctor

    "A blog to vent about the evils of the legal profession, the law school scam, and being jobless with a JD."

  • The Law School Tuition Bubble

    "An amateurly illustrated think tank of one." The author conducts empirical research about legal education; student debt; and law students, law schools and lawyers per capita (of which he keeps an archive).

  • The Legal Whiteboard

    "Trends, facts and ideas on law and legal education." Posts note scholarship related to legal education reform.

  • The Res Ipsa Loquitur Online: A University of Miami School of Law Blog

    The blog is affiliated with the Res Ipsa Loquitur Online, a student newspaper of the University of Miami School of Law. Content includes articles and photography on a variety of topics, ranging from campus news to national legal developments.

  • The Right Coast

    The Right Coast has "thoughts from San Diego on law, politics and culture."

  • The Student Appeal

    An online law journal, posts include law-related articles and editorials discussion law and policy issues, careers open to law school graduates.

  • Tillers on Evidence and Inference

    Covers news and developments relating to evidence, legal theory and legal education.

  • Today and Tomorrow

    "Blog began with preparing to take the LSAT and continues with beginning law school full time, fall 2011."

  • Touro Law Center Career Services Office

    Features announcements about training, education and employment opportunities for young lawyers and law students.

  • Trial Advocacy Blog

    The blog focuses on trial advocacy through the lens of Temple University's Beasley School of Law.


    "Supporting law school transparency and career counseling reform."

  • UVA Law School News

    News and events at the University of Virginia School of Law.

  • Virtual Library Cat’s Eye View

    News, observations and from the viewpoint of Ernster, the Deane Law Library Virtual Cat at Hofstra University.

  • Washington College of Law News

    News and updates about happenings at American University's Washington College of Law.

  • WillLitigateForFood

    "A blog about the legal job market and the struggle to find work in the new economy."

  • Wish I Would Have Known

    A group blog featuring law students sharing advice and musings about what they know now and how they would do things differently.


    Posts share insights from quantitative legal research on corporate law, capital markets, finance, and mergers & acquisitions as well as the debate about what law schools need to do to produce "practice-ready" graduates and "practice-ready" scholarship.

  • Word on the Streeterville

    Posts cover news about the law school, legal education an legal policy, or sometimes just discuss Chicago or Northwestern Wildcats sports teams.

  • zeroL

    Advisers answer reader questions that deal with all aspects of the law school application process or questions otherwise focused on getting ready for law school.

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