Law Student

  • The Great Writ

    "Two law students blogging about law school, the First Amendment, and other various topics."

  • The Harvard Law Record

    Harvard Law School news and events, world and national news, and op-eds written by students, professors, as well as outside contributors.

  • The LACBA Student Lounge Blog

    "Covers news and opinion about issues that are important to the law student and law school community in Southern California."

  • The Law Developer

    A look at current legal issues involving technology and software.

  • The Law Street Journal

    "A comprehensive resource managed by law students serving the needs of prospective and current students through the free exchange of knowledge and shared experiences."

  • The Legal Scoop

    "The Legal Scoop is a place for law students, lawyers, and anyone else involved or interested in the legal profession to be to heard. Readers can utilize comment sections and a discussion forum to voice what is on their minds regarding various issues in the law."

  • The Legal Workshop

    The site aggregates the work of its member law reviews—which so far are the Chicago Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Georgetown Law Journal, New York University Law Review, Northwestern Law Review, and the Stanford Law Review—by featuring distilled "op-ed" versions of upcoming articles from member law reviews that are written for a more general audience by those articles' authors.

  • The Leif Law Blog

    "The journey to law school."

  • The LEJer

    "The official blog of the Hofstra University School of Law Labor & Employment Law Journal."

  • The Oratorical Snob

    "The rhetorical ramblings of a student."

  • The Res Ipsa Loquitur Online: A University of Miami School of Law Blog

    The blog is affiliated with the Res Ipsa Loquitur Online, a student newspaper of the University of Miami School of Law. Content includes articles and photography on a variety of topics, ranging from campus news to national legal developments.

  • The Student Appeal

    An online law journal, posts include law-related articles and editorials discussion law and policy issues, careers open to law school graduates.


    News updates and analysis related to corporate governance, the Securities and Exchange Commission, shareholder actions, executive compensation and the Delaware Court of Chancery.

  • Today and Tomorrow

    "Blog began with preparing to take the LSAT and continues with beginning law school full time, fall 2011."

  • Trickum Legis

    "Content ranges from relevant legal issues in the law, issues involving school, humor with a legal twist and many other aspects of my daily life that I find relevant to the law."

  • UKSC Blog

    "This blog is dedicated to the U.K. Supreme Court. The U.K. Supreme Court is the U.K.'s highest court; its judgments bind lower courts and thus shape the development of English Law. Since 1399, the Law Lords, the judges of the most senior court in the country, have sat within Parliament. From October 2009, however, they have moved to an independent court in the Middlesex Guildhall. To mark this historic development, this blog has been set up to provide commentary on the U.K. Supreme Court and its judgments."

  • United Students Federation (USF) Pakistan

    "The idea behind United Students Federation is to provide a platform to the Pakistani students from all over the country and abroad to unite and raise their voice against all the social evils and spread political awareness among the masses."

  • Utah Criminal Blawg

    Summaries of Utah Court of Appeals and of Utah Supreme Court decisions in criminal cases.

  • Utah Family BLAWG

    Summaries of Utah Court of Appeals and of Utah Supreme Court decisions in family law cases.

  • Who Owns the Fox?

    "Another blog by another anonymous law student in an attempt to make sense of this thing called law school."

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