Law Students

  • Dysfunctional Didactics

    "Living in the law school, and occasionally Tulsa, Okla."

  • E-Lessons Learned

    "Each blog post: (a) identifies cases that address technology mishaps (either through negligence, ethical lapses in judgment, too much reliance on outside counsel and vendors, or fraud); (b) exposes the specific conduct that caused a problem; (c) explains how and why the conduct was improper; and (d) offers suggestions on how to learn from these mistakes and prevent similar ones from reoccurring."

  • Eagleionline

    "For students at Boston College Law School." There is a public blawg as well as a "members only" section only accessible by the Boston College students and faculty.

  • Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers

    "Putting knowledge into practice."

  • Eminent Domain

    Features commentary and musings about case law and legal topics.

  • Equal Justice Works

    "Learn about the latest public interest legal news; receive educational debt relief tips; and hear about the amazing work Equal Justice Works Fellows are doing to help communities in need."

  • Et Seq.

    This blawg "provides library announcements and the latest on cool new technologies, new books, journals and e-resources, new resources from foreign jurisdictions, interesting current events, hot documents, and more."

  • Excess of Democracy

    "Perhaps little more than my own often-conflicted views about what the 'right' democracy is." Posts discuss election law and legal education topics.

  • Fight The Hypo

    "Mostly about the experience of law school, but readers will also find posts on the development of their legal careers, the opportunities and pitfalls of the law, current events, politics and media."

  • First Movers

    "Tomorrow's legal scholars ... today."

  • FPT Law Blog

    "The goal of the 'Fruits of the Poisonous Tree' blog is to provide a forum where visitors can connect with me in an open discourse about law-related topics."

  • Franklin Graves

    A student-run blog with a focus on law school, intellectual property, technology, and other related topics.

  • Fresh Thought Soup

    "I’ll write about a lot of things: law school and the ensuing hilarity, life lessons, and general happenings. You’re welcome to join me on my adventure. I hope this is becomes a way to spread the encouragement and entertainment, dispel the mystery surrounding the hallowed halls of law school, and as a way for my friends to keep in touch (or at least feel less like I've disappeared)."

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Law School

    This tumblr uses animated GIFs to express angst about law school.

  • Get In: Law School

    This blog advises prospective law students on law school application strategies.

  • GGU School of Law: Law Career Services

    "Information, tips and notifications for law students and graduates."

  • Goldman’s Observations

    This blawg offers perspectives on law schools, lawyers and life as a law professor.

  • GoLLM Blog

    "Stay up to date with relevant news and background information related to law schools, the legal profession, and graduate legal studies in the U.S., U.K., and Canada."

  • Hiring Partner’s Office

    The blog purports to be a useful resource for law students and others looking to land an offer at the firm of their choice.

  • i don’t wear skinny jeans

    "a twenty-something guy trying to make it ... from 0L to 3L."

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