Law Students

Hiring Partner’s Office

The blog purports to be a useful resource for law students and others looking to land an offer at the firm of their choice.

i don’t wear skinny jeans

"a twenty-something guy trying to make it ... from 0L to 3L."

Illinois Business Law Journal

Features mainly student-written articles from members of the University of Illinois College of Law's Business Law Society.


"Improvident... Improvisational... Improper... Impatient... An impish law student tries to find a way to stay human in a situation that can be anything but humane." Wide-ranging discussion of law school issues and lifestyle and life in general.

Infinite Loathing

"The cyclical nature of LSAT preparation forces a blighted few of us to answer the same questions regarding the LSAT ad infinitum. Part of the motivation for this blog is to set forth some provisional answers regarding these issues. Another motive is to address some broader cultural issues that may be of interest to students studying for this exam. Some of these include the nature of genius, the efficacy of 'smart drugs' and issues regarding the lives of lawyers generally. The last motive is to assure that I don’t do any work on a languishing dissertation in philosophy that I’m fairly certain won’t write itself." Posts from this blog, LSAT Ninja, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and Plan B all feed into Most Strongly Supported.

Inside the Law School Scam

Posts cover the rising costs of legal education and the consequences of that, run letters from law school graduates and former law students with tales of woe, and address how much law professors who do (or don't do) what their job asks of them are responsible for law graduates' unsatisfactory outcomes.

Professional and educational opportunities for lawyers, law students and law professors.

J.D. ... Actually

"Neurotic law school grad assimilating into society, one day at a time."


"A 'pre' professional blog of a Law Student. Written professionally about law school from a student's perspective, with emphasis on sharing experiences with fellow and prospective students. Updated weekly. Topics include tips, popular study topics, and the occasional personal anecdote."

Jeremy Blachman’s Weblog: 2010

This blawg is about "the writing process and whatever else" Jeremy Bachman feels like writing about.

JETLaw Blog

"The JETLaw blog incorporates easily accessible legal analysis of current events, cases, and issues related to the journal’s scope. Its legal analysis includes topics from the areas of entertainment and sports, patent, copyright, trademark, the internet, information security, and technology, as well as issues in other areas of law arising from the growing prevalence of technology."

John Flood’s Random Academic Thoughts (RATs)

"I am a legal academic commenting on the strange worlds of law, legal profession, bureaucracy, universities, and globalization."

Jolly Lawger

"California Western School of Law student experiences. San Diego legal community experiences. Political discussion (moderate liberal author). Random ramblings. How to do well in law school. Tips and Tricks."

Kansas Law Free Press

"Kansas Law Free Press is the student-run newspaper of the University of Kansas School of Law. It's about new things, big ideas, awkwardness, intellectual diversity, refinement, and getting to the point. It’s dedicated to informing, inspiring, and entertaining the students, faculty, and administration at KU as well as the community at large."

Killing One Bird with Two Stones

"My blog will be about whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment, and how I can jimmy that into some sort of LSAT relevance." Posts from this blog, Infinite Loathing, LSAT Ninja and Plan B all feed into Most Strongly Supported.

Lag Liv

"A brand-new corporate attorney with a husband, toddler, cat, two big dogs and a lot of shoes."

Law 2050

"A forum about the legal future, with posts and commentary of the future of the law, legal practice, and legal education."

Law Admissions Lowdown

A "resource for law school news, LSAT tips, and admissions advice."

Law Ingenue

"Nontraditional law student on her way to becoming the law diva she always dreamed she could be."

Law Is Cool

Law Is Cool is a new blawg and podcast addressing issues related to law school and the legal field with a Canadian focus. The contents are intended for 1) current and potential law students; 2) graduates reviewing for their bar exam; and 3) members of the general public interested in learning more about the law.

Law Library and Technology Blog

"News law students can use. Focuses on research sources and tips, law school happenings, law-related tibits, technology tips,and odds and ends from the blawgosphere."

Law School for Dummies

"Yet another law school blog, following a now-2L suffering and carousing (mostly suffering) through the psychological torture and endless mishaps of one of the world's greatest masochistic endeavors."

Law School Mom

"A book, a mom, and a baby."

Law School Podcaster

"Delivers regular podcasts to help those considering law school navigate the law school admissions process. Podcasts also cover topics of interest to law students. Topics of podcasts and blog posts include everything from a behind-the-scenes view of the admission process to post-law school job opportunities and current market trends. Guests include deans of law schools, alumni, LSAT test preparation companies, law school admissions authors, law school admissions consultants and more. On each segment, we go in-depth on a particular topic of interest to a law school applicant and interview relevant experts to help make the application application process more efficient and successful and to help law school applicants gain acceptance to the right law school for them."

Law School Red Ink White Collar Blues

"Following an upper-class law student as he attempts to secure a summer legal internship, wrestles with law professors, and comes to grip with mounting student debt."