Law Students

Law School for Dummies

"Yet another law school blog, following a now-2L suffering and carousing (mostly suffering) through the psychological torture and endless mishaps of one of the world's greatest masochistic endeavors."

Law School Mom

"A book, a mom, and a baby."

Law School Podcaster

"Delivers regular podcasts to help those considering law school navigate the law school admissions process. Podcasts also cover topics of interest to law students. Topics of podcasts and blog posts include everything from a behind-the-scenes view of the admission process to post-law school job opportunities and current market trends. Guests include deans of law schools, alumni, LSAT test preparation companies, law school admissions authors, law school admissions consultants and more. On each segment, we go in-depth on a particular topic of interest to a law school applicant and interview relevant experts to help make the application application process more efficient and successful and to help law school applicants gain acceptance to the right law school for them."

Law School Red Ink White Collar Blues

"Following an upper-class law student as he attempts to secure a summer legal internship, wrestles with law professors, and comes to grip with mounting student debt."

Law School Success

"The purpose of the blog is to focus on what law students need for academic and professional success in law school and taking the bar exam. It is based upon common concerns and questions raised by law students."

Law School Success Tips

"If you have not yet decided to go to law school, this website and the related blog will explain what you can expect so that you can make an informed decision of whether or not law school is right for you. If you have already decided to go to law school or are already there, this blog will provide you with money- and time-saving advice that will guide you through your remaining years and the bar examination. The helpful tips in this blog will start from the law school application process and cover every important aspect of law school right through to preparing for and sitting for the bar examination. The advice answers questions that you will have as you go through the law school process and provides you with answers before it is too late. Some tips may save you $40 while other may save you thousands. Other tips will eliminate hours of needless research. What you will get here is practical, targeted and specific tips on how to effectively navigate though the various parts of law school and the bar exam and all from a Harvard Law School graduate."

Law School Superhero

"The blog includes advice for each year of law school, study tips, tricks on getting internships, etc. This site also contains battle strategies, like scheduling advice, essay approaches, and other information."

Law School Toolbox

Law School Toolbox aims to "demystify the exam preparation process, so you can spend your time doing things that matter. (And skip the things that don’t help.)"

Law Vibe

Features news and commentary, tips for aspiring law students, notes on how to survive law school and information about getting started as a young lawyer.

law:/dev/null: Musings of a Computer Scientist turned Law Student

"As explained by one of our readers: "TDot discusses his own realities, challenges and triumphs throughout his first year of law school in a highly informative, humble, funny and—most importantly—in a down to earth and real manner. If you're thinking about law school (or already in it), we'll give it to you straight like a shot of whiskey."


Written for law students in India, the blog contains law school news, career advice, internship stories and "Lawstruck," a forum for creative works of art.


"Features the latest and most important information pertaining to the field of law, law school and politics. LawRiot conveys information we feel to be both informative and timely. We also serve as a useful tool for prospective and current law school students. The creators offer their expertise in the admissions process and law school life in general."

Learned Musings

"Trying to bring back the ideas of gentlemen, reasoned discourse and a pup named Scooby Doo, one day at a time."

Legal Andrew

"Andrew Flusche started this blog as a place to share some of thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people. Andrew’s intent is to post a few tips a week pertaining to law school, internships, and legal careers. Andrew does not claim to be a prophet in any of these areas, but he hopes that people will find a kernel of insight here and there (or maybe they will all be “old maids”)."

Legal Careers

"A comprehensive guide to legal careers including career profiles, education and training, career advice, compensation, career advancement, practice profiles, legal trends and practice tips."

Legal Careers Blog

"Provides updates and insights about careers in the legal field, with a focus on attorneys and law students."

Legal Decisions

Blog reviews legal decisions and news in India and around the world.

Legal Geekery

"An outlet for some geeks in law school." Most posts are episodes of the occasional Legal Geekery Podcast, co-hosted by Joshua Auriemma and Laura Bergus.

Legal Scholarship Blog

Features law-related calls for papers, conferences, and workshops as well as general legal scholarship resources.

Legal Skills Prof Blog

"A forum for news and discussion between and among law professors who teach legal skills (including legal writing professors, clinicians and 'doctrinal' professors who incorporate practical skills into their courses), practitioners who hire the students we teach, and students themselves who are interested in keeping abreast of trends in legal skills training." Posts address legal writing, very basic law practice management skills, and how law schools can better serve their students.


"LegalJob is intended to provide practical advice for current law school students and law firm associates. LegalJob will focus on guidance for maximizing performance while in law school, securing the dream (or any) law firm job, excelling as an associate, and moving on the fast track to making partner. LegalJob will feature guest posts from successful practitioners at small, medium and large firms, attorneys who have started their own firms, and professors at the nation's top law schools."

Legally Blind

Blog interviews employed attorneys to ask advice on job-hunting. "Interviews will mainly be conducted on attorneys who have only been practicing for 5 years or less, to gain an understanding of the best ways to navigate a job search through this poor economy."

Legally Certifiable

"My story of moving from stay-at-home-mom to lawyer: 3 kids, one husband and a menagerie of critters in tow." Blog

This blawg is dedicated to "making legal writing clear, correct and direct." Posts cover the latest court rules regarding word limits and page limits, as well as the use of cites, footnotes and dates. He even entertains debate about the serial comma.

Leopard Hot Spot and Law Blog

"Focuses on law firm hiring and business issues. Articles are targeted to attorneys, law students and legal recruiters."