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Legal Skills Prof Blog

"A forum for news and discussion between and among law professors who teach legal skills (including legal writing professors, clinicians and 'doctrinal' professors who incorporate practical skills into their courses), practitioners who hire the students we teach, and students themselves who are interested in keeping abreast of trends in legal skills training." Posts address legal writing, very basic law practice management skills, and how law schools can better serve their students.


"LegalJob is intended to provide practical advice for current law school students and law firm associates. LegalJob will focus on guidance for maximizing performance while in law school, securing the dream (or any) law firm job, excelling as an associate, and moving on the fast track to making partner. LegalJob will feature guest posts from successful practitioners at small, medium and large firms, attorneys who have started their own firms, and professors at the nation's top law schools."

Legally Blind

Blog interviews employed attorneys to ask advice on job-hunting. "Interviews will mainly be conducted on attorneys who have only been practicing for 5 years or less, to gain an understanding of the best ways to navigate a job search through this poor economy."

Legally Certifiable

"My story of moving from stay-at-home-mom to lawyer: 3 kids, one husband and a menagerie of critters in tow." Blog

This blawg is dedicated to "making legal writing clear, correct and direct." Posts cover the latest court rules regarding word limits and page limits, as well as the use of cites, footnotes and dates. He even entertains debate about the serial comma.

Leopard Hot Spot and Law Blog

"Focuses on law firm hiring and business issues. Articles are targeted to attorneys, law students and legal recruiters."

LLM Insider

"Updates for future and current LLM students to be better informed before, during and after taking an LLM program."

Loco Delictis

As the blawg puts it, "a 1L's strange and unusual adventures in law school."

LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT

Specific tips related to the logic questions found on the LSAT and best practices as far as studying for the LSAT.

LSAT Ninja

Discusses "the experience of taking the LSAT, tips and strategies for doing well, and even a foolproof strategy for getting lucky with that cute guy or gal at your testing center. I have a head for numbers so there will be lots of stats, charts and graphs and hopefully some spirited debate about the importance of such things." Posts from this blog, Infinite Loathing, Killing One Bird with Two Stones and Plan B all feed into Most Strongly Supported.

Luis Villa

"Ramblings on software, law, and the spaces in between."

Magic Cookie

"Corporate lawyer by day, keeper of a small, rude, incontinent person by night."

Mark Gordon

This is the blog of the Dean of The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

Material Information at Hamline

This blawg provides links to government reports and new Web developments, but mostly posts information for Hamline University School of Law students and faculty.

Most Strongly Supported

"A collection of blogs written by LSAT instructors and law students. MSS covers application advice, relevant law-related news, features on particular LSAT questions, LSAT trends, videos, and law school insights." Posts here come from Infinite Loathing and LSAT Ninja, Killing One Bird with Two Stones.

My So-Called Internet-Based Life

"Bits and bobs about law school, cooking and the rest of it"

My So-Called Law School

"A description of life and times at my so-called law school. Why "so-called"? Well, for starters, anyone who has ever at any point attended law school is aware of just how high schoolesque it can be. Think My So-Called Life or any other random teen drama show except much, MUCH worse. Secondly, the name of my law school shall never be mentioned in this blog. Ever. Enjoy!"

Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind

"How to balance law school with the fine art of procrastination."

News for the Mormon Legal Community

"Providing practicing attorneys, law students, and pre-law students with the latest in the market."

NUSL Blogs

"Topics include law school life, law school curricula, experiential legal education, the admissions and application process for law school, developments in legal academe, and much more."


Posts are "focused on creating a welcoming, useful, dynamic and engaging communications forum that attracts contributors and readers. We hope to create a sense of community among blog contributors and readers, and provide an opportunity for more organic, member-driven content and interaction on an ongoing basis."

Only 3 Years

"This is my tale from the trenches of law school."

Pasha Law

Articles "about the trials of prelaw students, law students and post-graduates."

Peanut Butter Burrito

"I've got a baby girl, a trivia champ husband, a legal fellowship, a vegetarian kitchen, and a song in my heart. Most days."

"Let's be honest: You want to be me."