Legal Ethics

  • “Avoid a Claim” Blog

    Posts discuss and alert readers to email scams and check frauds directed at lawyers in the United States and Canada with the aim of helping them avoid malpractice claims.

  • 2Civility

    "The official blog of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on professionalism. Designed to connect lawyers and inspire change, the blog focuses on advocating and advancing the highest standards of conduct among lawyers to better serve clients and society."

  • A Byte of Prevention: Risk Management Tips and Tidbits

    "Provides "bytes" of risk management advice."

  • ALPS 411

    "Designed for the exchange of information and ideas regarding risk management, professionalism, ethics, international law, and technology in the practice of law. Contributors provide helpful and useful information on practice management, malpractice avoidance, claims, underwriting, finances, marketing, social media, legal IT, e-discovery, career development, and more."

  • Black’s Law, A Blog

    Blog discusses high-profile criminal cases in the news and gives tips for trial attorneys.

  • Business Law Blog

    Posts cover ethics and court rules relevant to lawyers in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Chicago Legal Malpractice Lawyer Blog

    "Discusses legal malpractice decisions of importance to the general practitioner. The blog also discusses important ethics cases relevant to the practicing attorney."

  • Chicago’s Real Law Blog

    This blog answers questions about the legal system in Illinois in a straightforward colloquial manner. Posts have a "Legal Tip of the Day."

  • Compliance Building

    Blog author Doug Cornelius writes about compliance and business ethics.

  • Compliance Training Blog

    "Compliance expertise for California and beyond."

  • Corporate Political Activity Law Blog

    "Analysis and commentary regarding federal, state and local pay-to-play laws, campaign finance law, lobbying and ethics. This blog provides up-to-date information about the ever-changing complex landscape of legal obligations in the area of political law."

  • Durham-in-Wonderland

    "Comments and analysis about the Duke/Nifong case."

  • FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog

    "This is a blog on the 'nuts and bolts' of anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance under laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.K. Bribery Act."

  • Full Disclosure

    Most posts cover corporate finance litigation; occasional posts discuss the U.S. Supreme Court or note issues of interest to the individual investor.

  • Houston Legal

    "Houston Legal Links" posts bundle legal stories from the Houston Chronicle and other sources; posts by the author round up disciplinary actions against Houston lawyers, news from the Texas State Bar and critique other coverage of legal news.

  • In the Arena: Law and Politics Update

    "In the Arena: Law and Politics Update offers readers news and analysis on a wide range of topics related to the laws that regulate and affect political activity. Attorneys in Perkins Coie’s Political Law practice will provide insight and guidance on legal developments involving campaign finance, lobbying, the Federal Election Commission, and other topics of interest to those active in the political process."

  • Innocence Matters

    Blog discusses wrongful convictions, and tracks court cases that Innocence Matters has been involved with. Recently the blog celebrated the organization's first exoneration, of a man named John Smith; he had been convicted of murder by false testimony.

  • Jeff Geiger Counters

    Blog discusses legal ethics, current events, lawyer misconduct and recent cases in Virginia.

  • Jotwell

    The blog's title stands for Journal of Things We Like (Lots). In posts, law professors evaluate the latest and greatest legal scholarship in their respective disciplines.

  • Judicial Ethics Forum

    An open and academic discussion of judicial ethics, discipline and disqualification.

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