Legal Ethics

  • Law Firm Risk Management Blog

    "Law firm risk management. Discussion of risk issues and trends. Compliance, conflicts, intake and other concerns for law firm risk professionals."

  • Law Tips

    "References the organization's faculty materials published for continuing legal education purposes."

  • LawOfCriminalDefense

    News, information, ethics opinions and analysis relating to criminal defense, legal ethics and professional responsibility.

  • Lawyers on Strike

    "The idea of this blog is to function as a clearing house of the most egregious and harmful judicial abuses and select specific instances, and judges, for a targeted boycott—a strike—by attorneys."

  • Legal Ethics Emporium

    "Law permeates every aspect of society and is an amorphous 'creature' as it has historically been employed to both justify the status quo and engender social change. Law has served as a cloak of authority and power for both moral and immoral behavior. Law, ethics and morality are interrelated, but exist as separate concepts that sometimes align and other times are in tension with one another. Creating an awareness of the interplay of these concepts in our daily lives may not only be a fascinating and fun endeavor, but hopefully encourages a more thoughtful approach to the major issues of the day."

  • Legal Ethics Forum

    This blawg discusses recent court decisions and news stories related to legal ethics issues—lawyer advertising, attorney-client privilege, multijurisdictional practice—and follows news stories of allegations and trials related to lawyer or judicial misconduct.

  • Legal Ethics in Motion

    "In creating Legal Ethics in Motion, our purpose is to provide student commentary on ethical issues affecting the legal community in the digital age. We will explore such topics as: social media, technology, and other breaking legal developments."

  • Legal Futures » Latest news

    "The essential guide to conduct, compliance and competence, and the Legal Services Act."

  • Legal Profession Blog

    Covers a variety of general interest legal topics and is especially focused on ethics, professional responsibility and the practice of law.


    "Focusing on the ethical issues associated with the use of technology by legal professionals."

  • Medical Futility Blog

    Posts take note of life-support disputes in the news, discuss scholarship from critical care ethicists and explore the legality and ethics of patients' different end-of-life options.

  • My Law License

    Author Brian Tannebaum represents lawyers and bar applicants facing discipline in Florida, and this blawg has a stated focus on the state's ethics rules and disciplinary processes. He also offers his takes on ethics opinions from other states, on ethics in legal marketing, and—with some antagonism—on lawyers' use of technology and social media.

  • Nancy Rapoport’s Blogspot

    Nancy Rapoport's Blogspot has information about "all sorts of things—governance in higher education and in law firms, bankruptcy ethics, popular culture and the law, Enron and other corporate fiascos, professional responsibility generally, movies, ballroom and Latin dancing" and anything else that gets the author's attention.

  • New York Attorney Malpractice Blog

    The New York Attorney Malpractice Blog has summaries and links to cases and news about legal malpractice.


    "The law behind the news." has summaries of Kentucky cases, federal appellate decisions, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and professional ethics cases.

  • On Lawyering

    Posts cover news and commentary on the law and culture of lawyers.

  • On the Merits

    "Takes a close look at significant legal stories with an eye toward addressing the legal myths and misconceptions that turn up in news stories, movies, TV programs, websites, anonymous emails and other forms of mass communications. Provides readers with a thoughtful examination of what the media and others are saying about the legal profession, while providing the frequently-absent context of how the legal system actually works."

  • Open Minded

    Blog posts discuss diversity in the legal profession.

  • Philly Law Blog

    The bloggers reflect on the the day-to-day of working at their relatively young small law firm and life in Philadelphia.

  • Pro Say Blog

    "The official blog of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism. This blog is a place where issues and topics related to attorney professionalism will be discussed and debated in a way that is ever-so-slightly yet benignly unusual, whether it be discussing the relationship between civility and public nudity, or the connection between pro bono service, Bob Dylan, William Shatner, Olivia Newton-John and Barney the Dinosaur."

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