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  • 22 Tweets

    1. Live Twitter interviews with practicing lawyers who tweet.
    2. A forum where lawyers tell their stories, one tweet at a time.
    3. The hottest new mash-up on Twitter.

  • Adam Smith, Esq.

    Adam Smith, Esq. is "an inquiry into the economics of law firms." The blawg links to and analyzes articles about law firm strategy and profitability.

  • Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices

    Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices has posts on law firm management and marketing.

  • Amy Campbell’s Web Log

    This blawg focuses on law firm marketing, including new media and online publishing.

  • Are You Reading These Posts?

    "Recommended reading for business development and marketing in the legal profession."

  • Are You Writing This Down?

    "Law firm business development and marketing."

  • Associate’s Mind

    Posts cover the recession's effect on new lawyers, personal development for young lawyers, social media and other generalized law topics.

  • Attorney at Work

    "'One really good idea every day' to help lawyers create the career and lives they love." Posts give advice on productivity, networking, marketing and rainmaking and discuss technology for the legal workplace.

  • AttorneySync Marketing Blog

    "A discussion for search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and legal matching services for lawyers. The blawg will also discuss various other law firm marketing topics."

  • Avvo Blog

    A companion to Avvo, a lawyer-rating site. This blawg covers Avvo events and legal website-related news.

  • bbr marketing

    "We created this blog to provide tips, analyze trends and share ideas to help you market your firm."


    "LLM's musings on current legal technology, IP matters, antitrust, and the like."

  • Briefly Technical

    "Analysis of technical news and issues associated with both digital and analog legal marketing."

  • Business Development Series

    "Information from a business development coach’s perspective."

  • Business of Law Blog

    "Software solutions for the business of law." Posts cover key legal technology trends and events.

  • Chuck Newton

    "Preachings and teachings from my perspective inside a third-wave law firm. Appealing to spare room tycoons, home office lawyers, downshifters, carpet commuters, connected attorneys, law students and wannabes." Posts cover law school news and emerging law practice niches.

  • Constant Content

    Posts related to how lawyers can market themselves through websites, blogs and social media.

  • Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog

    Blog discusses law practice management, business development and marketing.

  • Cordell Parvin Blog

    Cordell Parvin's posts discuss strategies lawyers can use for time management and client development. His clients also regularly contribute reflective posts.

  • CounseltoCounsel Blog

    "Marketing and career issues that face attorneys in private practice and beyond."

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