Legal Marketing & Consulting

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Legal Productivity

Posts discuss marketing through blogging and other social media; the latest "productivity" mobile apps; and work/life balance topics.

Legal Value Theory

A philosophical approach to delivering greater client value and earning greater profit through modern business tools.

Life at the Bar

This blawg addresses strategies that lawyers can use in their professional development, business development, career management, and work/life balance.

Likelihood of Success

A potpourri of legal and nonlegal topics of general interest. As the blawg itself puts it: “Likelihood of success on the merits” — 'likelihood of success' for short — is a term used by courts to describe one of the factors considered when evaluating whether to grant a preliminary injunction: In order to merit the 'unusual' remedy of preliminary relief, the party that wants the injunction has to be able to convince the court, on a preliminary basis — meaning before the record is fully developed — that one of the reasons it is entitled to temporary relief is that it will probably win the case anyway."

Maddock on Marketing

This blawg "discusses all aspects of law firm marketing, including business development, sales programs, client relationship building, market research, competitor analysis, practice group marketing, law firm branding, advertising and websites. It comments on external market forces as well as the internal issues of structure and staffing, and the relationship between lawyers and marketers. The blog also addresses the special challenges vendors face in selling to law firms and corporate law departments."


"Covers up-to-the-minute updates in the ever-changing landscape of online legal marketing."

Make It Rain

Posts are anecdotes intended to inspire lawyers in their pursuit of clients.

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Topics cover issues of interest to continuing legal education presenters and providers, attorneys and other CLE professionals.

Mark Merenda’s SmartBlog

Posts on trends, tips and marketing suggestions for attorney and financial professionals.

Marketing Attorney Blog

Posts note conferences and offer advice for law firm partners looking for better approaches to marketing their practices.

Marketing Catalyst

"I share what I find and what I think I know about marketing and sales of legal and accounting services."

Marketing for Attorneys, Marketing for Law Firms, Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyer marketing via the Internet and other means.

Marketing for Lawyers

Posts cover topics in legal industry marketing and PR, offering advice on how to handle changes in technology and topics in marketing.

Marketing Strategy and the Law

Posts cover the use of social media for business-generation purposes, law practice management issues and the author's takes on work/life balance. The blog also hosts a "Weekly Voir Dire: Conference Call" at noon ET every Friday for those who register.

Molly Porter

Posts focus on digital communications, content strategy and social media.

More Partner Income

"Dedicated to ideas and techniques for the financial management of the law firm with the objective of increasing the income of equity partners."

My Shingle

"Dedicated to the demands and desires of solos and small law firms, the clients we serve and others in the legal profession who use our services or dream of going out on their own." This blog was started to help students and lawyers at firms who want to create unconventional practices and to provide a place for solos to trade advice and tout their successes.

Myrland Marketing

Posts cover how lawyers can market themselves with social media and other skills and tools.


"The latest news and notes from NextChapter, your bankruptcy software in the cloud."

Nifty Law Blog

"The Nifty Law Blog is a legal marketing blog that discusses online marketing strategies for lawyers."

Northern Law Blog

Posts are on general topics of legal interest, not limited to Illinois. There's no real overarching theme to the coverage, other than analysis of current cases.

Not Knapping

"The blog is written for attorneys and legal marketers and provides insights into current trends and strategies related to law firm business development and social media."


"Selected topics in law and strategic consulting."

Own the Closing Zone

"How lawyers can identify high-quality prospects and then use the quickest methods to get face-to-face, focus, pursue and close new business."

PA Law Practice Management by Ellen Freedman

"This blog covers the gamut of practice management including financial management, technology and security issues, marketing, risk management, and more."

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