Legal News Publication

  • Hollywood, Esq.

    Focuses on the intersection of law and the entertainment and media industries. Posts cover trademark and pirating battles in Hollywood.

  • Houston Legal

    "Houston Legal Links" posts bundle legal stories from the Houston Chronicle and other sources; posts by the author round up disciplinary actions against Houston lawyers, news from the Texas State Bar and critique other coverage of legal news.

  • IAM Magazine - Blog

    A blog about the business of IP; looking at developments around the world and how these impact on companies looking to use their IP rights to increase profits, drive shareholder value and obtain increased leverage in the capital markets.

  • In House

    "Covers news, information and developments of interest to corporate counsel."

  • India Briefing

    "Designed to educate and illustrate matters of foreign direct investment legal, tax and compliance issues that foreign direct investors face when establishing operations in India."

  • JDs Rising

    "A blog for a new generation of Minnesota lawyers."

  • JECE Energy Blog

    Posts cover events at Washington and Lee University School of Law, news related to offshore drilling and actions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Joshua Rozenberg

    Posts cover legal news in the United Kingdom and Europe with a slight emphasis on media law.

  • JURIS_Blog

    "The Official Blog of the Duquesne University School of Law News Magazine."

  • Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture & Natural Resources Law

    The Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture & Natural Resources Law blawg is committed to developing a productive dialogue between legal scholars, practitioners and students in the fields of equine, agricultural and natural resources law. The blawg is updated weekly by 2L and 3L staff members of KJEANRL to provide a reliable online counterpart to the print copy of the journal. Additionally, legal professionals are strongly encouraged to submit online articles to be published on the blawg. Readers of the journal and the various online articles are invited discuss the articles on the blawg.

  • Law & Disorder

    Posts mostly cover Internet and intellectual property law. The name is Latin-derived for the "art of technology."

  • Law & Industry Daily

    "Reports on U.S. civil courts, government regulation and public policy."

  • Law Admissions Lowdown

    A "resource for law school news, LSAT tips, and admissions advice."

  • Law Blog

    " on law and business and the business of law." The Wall Street Journal's legal blog features a half-dozen detailed posts daily on a wide variety of legal topics from law firm shakeups—sometimes featuring interviews with BigLaw names—to the U.S. Supreme Court. Posts frequently include links to pleadings and other relevant legal documents.

  • Law Blog

    Business-related trials, litigation and jury verdicts in the Twin Cities.

  • Law Firm Insider

    "Get the latest news on what’s happening in the Best Law Firms"—meaning those on U.S. News & World Report's ranking of the nation's best law firms. Posts cover law firm mergers and prominent lawyers' career moves.

  • Law Firm Newswire

    "Publishes legal news from lawyers and law firms in the United States and Canada. Press releases relate to business law, immigration, personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, entertainment law, and more."

  • Legal Feeds Blog

    Posts cover Canada's law firms, actions of the Supreme Court of Canada and other fascinating cases and decisions in Canadian courts.

  • Legal Futures » Latest news

    "The essential guide to conduct, compliance and competence, and the Legal Services Act."

  • Legal Pad

    Legal Pad is the blog of The Recorder and Cal Law, a daily newspaper and website. Head here for all legal industry news stamped California, from quick-witted takes on lawyer comings and goings to fresh perspectives on developments in the law.

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