Legal News Publication

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Law Firm Insider

"Get the latest news on what’s happening in the Best Law Firms"—meaning those on U.S. News & World Report's ranking of the nation's best law firms. Posts cover law firm mergers and prominent lawyers' career moves.

Law Firm Newswire

"Publishes legal news from lawyers and law firms in the United States and Canada. Press releases relate to business law, immigration, personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, entertainment law, and more."

Law | Street

“Law Street is written by and for Millennials. We educate. We inform. We go beyond the headlines and dig deep into issues to explain their relevance to our generation. We know what we’re talking about because we live the life. Law Street is Law & Policy For Our Generation.”

Legal Feeds Blog

Posts cover Canada's law firms, actions of the Supreme Court of Canada and other fascinating cases and decisions in Canadian courts.

Legal Futures » Latest news

"The essential guide to conduct, compliance and competence, and the Legal Services Act."

Legal Ink Magazine

"Legal Ink Magazine’s mission is to provide new insight into the ever-changing business of law. We hope to provide our readers with the information they need to run their practice more effectively, increase client satisfaction, and better manage their work/life balance."

Legal Pad

Legal Pad is the blog of The Recorder and Cal Law, a daily newspaper and website. Head here for all legal industry news stamped California, from quick-witted takes on lawyer comings and goings to fresh perspectives on developments in the law.

Legal Sports Report

Posts cover the online sports gambling industry, comparing regulations from state to state and covering the actions of gaming control boards as well as the latest news from the major players in fantasy sports.

Legal Talk Network

"This is the first truly interactive Internet radio network for the legal community. Each show is legal talk radio, highlighting important issues with high-profile lawyers and experts. Get the latest legal news, and connections with colleagues that will help you meet the challenges of a changing legal world." This blawg also says it offers continuing legal education credit for listening to legal news. Programs include Lawyer2Lawyer, The ESI Report, Workers' Comp Matters, Ringler Radio, Law Technology Now, In-House Legal, The Kennedy-Mighell Report, and The Paralegal Voice, The Un-Billable Hour, the Boston University School of Law podcast and Digital Detectives.

Legally Weird

Bloggers comment on the legal angles of true stories in the news that are stranger than fiction.

Lexpert Magazine Blog

Posts cover business law, legal practice management, big deals, suits and real estate in Canada, and other legal news of interest to Canadian business law lawyers, both in-house and at firms. Some posts briefly summarize Lexpert's subscription-only content.

MinnLawyer Blog

General legal news focused on issues important in Minnesota.

Nancy Grace

Posts cover high-profile trials and litigation and missing persons cases.

National Blog

"A collective law blog run by National Magazine, the legal affairs publication of the Canadian Bar Association."

On the Case

The author’s posts analyze litigation or threats of litigation against large companies.

On the Record

Legal and business news, largely focused on Maryland in general and Baltimore in particular.

Pace International Law Review Blog

"Discussions and debates about global legal victories, injustices and policies."

PI Buzz

PI Buzz is billed as the official blog of PI Magazine, the largest trade publication for private investigators and law enforcement detectives in the U.S. Posts include information on public records access and other ways to access data.

Politics and Law

"News at the intersection of technology, politics, and law, ranging from intellectual property to censorship to tech policy."

Privacy Inc.

Posts cover federal and local government policies related to technology and social media; note reports of successful hackings of government websites; and provide information for individuals concerned about their own Internet security and online privacy.

Proof and Hearsay

"Crime, courts and legal issues in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin." Many daily newspapers have their own police blotter-ish crime blogs that only touch on trials, but this blog of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel really gives Wisconsin’s courts, litigation and lawyer discipline their due.

RJLPP Region in Review Blog

"Reviewing current legal issues from the law school's region, defined as the Third Circuit, Second Circuit, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware."

SBM Blog

Multiple daily posts cover Michigan legal news and symposiums as well as national legal news, litigation trends, and legal ethics issues.

SCG Bankruptcy Blog

Posts cover bankruptcy-related legislation and rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. circuit courts of appeal and the European Court of Justice.

School Law

This blawg covers news, court decisions and analysis relating to K-12 education. It is aimed not just at education lawyers but at teachers, school administrators and parents.

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