Legislation & Lobbying

  • MesotheliomaCareCenter.com Legal Blog

    "Discusses mesothelioma and asbestos litigation cases nationally and includes courtroom admissions, recent court rulings, opinions, depositions, recent legal decisions from the top law firms nationally representing mesothelioma and asbestos victims."

  • Michigan Green Law

    "Evaluating the green spectrum from cleanup and redevelopment to green construction and green energy with a Michigan focus."

  • MMM Tech Law & Business Report

    Dedicated to technology and intellectual property issues for lawyers, inventors and venture capitalists. A recurring feature is the Industry Spotlight, which has video interviews with technology professionals.

  • Municipal Minute

    Municipal Minute provides updates on cases, laws, and other topics of interest to municipalities and local governments.

  • N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News

    "A legal blog for North Carolina construction professionals to stay apprised of statutory, case law and other legal developments affecting owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, insurance carriers and other players in the industry."

  • New Jersey Attorney Law Review Blog

    "New Jersey attorney law review blog provided by LoFaro & Reiser, L.L.P., a New Jersey law firm concentrating in bankruptcy & creditors' rights, corporate law, criminal law & DWI, debt collection, estate planning, foreclosure, Internet law, litigation in state & federal courts, personal injury, real estate, wills, trusts & probate, and traffic tickets."

  • New York Appellate Law Blog

    "This Blog is dedicated to providing the latest significant tort and insurance coverage decisions in New York's Appellate Courts; cases which have been granted leave to appeal to the New York Court of Appeals; and other practice tips or information regarding appeals to New York's Appellate Courts."

  • New York Law Blog

    "New York law and blog posts pertaining to all types of practices."

  • NFL Concussion Litigation

    "Providing legal analysis and coverage of all the latest developments in the NFL concussion lawsuits."

  • Non-Compete and Trade Secrets

    News, commentary and legal updates from the attorneys in the Employee Defection and Trade Secrets Practice Group at Fisher & Phillips.

  • Nouveau Law Blog

    "Blog addresses various issues pertaining to copyrights, trademarks, internet law, business, the art market, and the practice of law."

  • Nursing Home Law Blog

    "Information related to nursing homes & the care that they provide."

  • Oil & Gas Law Brief

    Blog discusses oil and gas law topics, such as EPA regulations, energy legislation, hydraulic fracturing and the Marcellus shale.

  • Oklahoma Law Blog

    "The Oklahoma Law blog focuses on safety and personal injury issues that affect Oklahomans, but have a nationwide impact. Topics covered include car crash safety, health news, and product recall information."

  • On the Record

    Legal and business news, largely focused on Maryland in general and Baltimore in particular.

  • Online Liability Blog™

    This blawg covers Web sites, ISPs and other online services; laws that may limit or immunize online conduct; and lawsuits that allege online liability. It also hosts related discussions among technologists, lawyers and others and serves as a portal to resources pertaining to online liability.

  • Orange Book Blog

    This blawg "reports on Hatch-Waxman litigation and other pharmaceutical patent cases, as well as regulatory and legislative developments."

  • Orlando Mediator

    "This blog was created by Orlando Mediator Lawrence Kolin, Esq. to explore issues and trends in dispute resolution." The blog also discusses e-discovery issues.

  • Orrick Securities Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement Blog

    Discusses aspects of securities law, including new SEC legislation, current trials and whistle-blowing.

  • Out-Law.com

    This blawg "has 7,000 pages of free legal news and guidance, mostly on IT and e-commerce issues. These issues can affect any organisation, and OUT-LAW is as much for those in a software start-up as it is for the compliance team at a bank." It also provides a weekly Thursday podcast, OUT-LAW Radio.

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