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Alcoholic Beverage Industry Blog

Posts cover actions of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau as well as legal information related to the acquisition of liquor licenses with a focus on Massachusetts law.

At the Bar: What’s New In Litigation

Posts feature news and information, including Twitter and headline roundups, on developments in litigation in a variety of practice areas and industries.

Attorney Nathan’s Criminal Blog

Posts cover crime news and court rulings in Massachusetts.

Bankruptcy & Loan Modifications

Bankruptcy and debtor issues.

Boston Accident and Injury Lawyer Blog

"Analyzes injury law cases, news and judicial opinions in Massachusetts."

Boston Accident Lawyer Blog

This blawg examines injury law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts.

Boston Bankruptcy Answers

"Commentary, news and FAQs about filing bankruptcy in Boston."

Boston Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

"Provides opinion on bankruptcy law news, matters and reports in Massachusetts."

Boston Car Accident Lawyer Blog

News on Massachusetts car accidents as well as injury law news.

Boston Criminal Attorney Blog

News and recent developments in Boston criminal law.

Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Provides insight on criminal law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts.

Boston Criminal Lawyers Blog

Arrests, criminal charges and criminal trials in Massachusetts.

Boston Employment Lawyer Blog

Covers employment and workplace law topics including wrongful termination, whistle-blower retaliation, and discrimination.

Boston Injury Attorney Blog

Reviews injury law cases, news and legislation in Massachusetts. Topics include nursing home liability, criminal DUI, motor vehicle accidents and playground injuries.

Boston Injury Lawyer Blog

News and events dealing with injury law.

Boston Injury Lawyer Blog

Reports on injury law matters, opinions and cases in Massachusetts.

Boston Lawyer Blog

This blog discusses news regarding criminal law and employment law in Massachusetts.

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

"A Boston personal injury lawyer's blog on personal injury law and 'tort reform.' "

Boston, MA Divorce and Law Blog

"Discusses matters relevant to Massachusetts law in the areas of family law, real estate, litigation, and other legal issues. The blog presents new developments in the law and other issues that relate to the topics covered. It is written for people who aren't lawyers to help them understand legal issues and how the Massachusetts courts function. The goal is to help people make better decisions as they interact with the courts and other people in the legal system."

Breaking Ground: What’s New in Real Estate Law

Posts feature news and information on developments in real estate law in a variety of practice areas and industries.

Cape Law

"Articles pertaining to estate, business and elder law with specific reference to Cape Cod and Massachusetts."

Cherrytree Group LLC Blog

"Differentiates a tax credit and a tax deduction and shows how various commercial real estate owners can benefit."

Dhar Law

Posts cover rulings of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Boston-based 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Don’t Go Alone: A Bankruptcy Law Blog

Discusses bankruptcy situations with both general advice and advice specific to Massachusetts. Companion to Kelsey & Trask's family law blog, Scaling the Summit: A Family Law Blog.


"Boston-based blog focused on state and federal legal issues, gender issues,and feminist discourse."

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