Media & Communications Law

  • Internet on Trial

    "Modern-day litigation, cyber defamation, and law in sports and entertainment."

  • IPTAblog

    IPTAblog is a blawg about "the relationship between the law, communications technology and the creative arts." Topics covered include fair use, copyright and Internet law.

  • Jack ‘Out of the Box’

    "This is a spinoff of the firm's InfoLaw Newsletter, much like CSI: Miami is a spin-off from CSI. Except without all the corpses. The blog will feature shorter pieces, and ideally, reader feedback. Should be fun. Oh, yeah, and informative."

  • joemillerjd

    "Law, media, politics, and culture."

  • Joshua Rozenberg

    Posts cover legal news in the United Kingdom and Europe with a slight emphasis on media law.

  • Law + Informatics Institute

    "Law and regulation affecting information, media and data."

  • Law Across the Wire and Into the Cloud

    Posts cover issues related to laws such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Communications Decency Act; laws and litigation related to data breaches, and rulings by the Federal Communications Commission.

  • Law Blog

    This blawg covers news, legal or otherwise, with a focus on technology and privacy law.

  • Legal Bytes

    "Insights at the intersection of digital advertising, new media, e-commerce and the law."

  • Legal Communications

    Posts about media relations and legal communications involved with litigation, including reviews of classic cases, cases in the news and tips for litigators.

  • Legal Ethics in Motion

    "In creating Legal Ethics in Motion, our purpose is to provide student commentary on ethical issues affecting the legal community in the digital age. We will explore such topics as: social media, technology, and other breaking legal developments."

  • LegalTXTS

    "LegalTXTS reports on the latest developments in law and technology, with an emphasis on legal issues regarding digital media, privacy and data security, and information management."

  • Likelihood of Confusion

    "IP maven Ron Coleman on developments in trademark, copyright, new media and free speech."

  • Media and Communications Law Society

    "Topics related to communications law and media policy."

  • Media Law

    Posts cover topics relating to a free press and open access to government proceedings.

  • Media Law Prof Blog

    Features news, issues and analysis related to media law topics.

  • MediaBerkman

    Radio Berkman features conversations with and talks by leading cyberscholars, entrepreneurs, activists, and policy-makers as they explore topics such as the factors that influence knowledge creation and dissemination in the digital age; the character of power as the worlds of governance, business, citizenship and the media meet the Internet; and the opportunities, role and limitations of new technologies in learning."

  • Mootus Blog

    "Make good law."

  • netWORKed

    "This blog is dedicated to an open discussion of current workplace issues employers are facing as a result of today’s increasingly netWORKed workplace. We will also keep you posted on current events in the ever-changing legal landscape of technology in the workplace. How do you as an employer harness the power of the web and protect yourself at the same time?"

  • Nouveau Law Blog

    "Blog addresses various issues pertaining to copyrights, trademarks, internet law, business, the art market, and the practice of law."

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