Media & Communications Law

  • Ober | Kaler IP Watch

    "IP issues of importance in science, technology, health care, education, media and the arts."

  • Phosita

    "In patent law, PHOSITA is a mythical person of ordinary skill in the art. Why is PHOSITA important? In order to be patentable, an invention must not be obvious to PHOSITA. This blawg (legal blog) aims to provide intellectual property information, news and advice that is of interest to the PHOSITA in all of us."

  • Post or Perish

    "Now nearly anyone with a laptop or a smartphone can become a publisher, with all the attendant benefits and risks. As new media pushes further into uncharted terrain, Post or Perish looks to navigate the often bewildering, but always entertaining, electronic landscape."

  • Shear on Social Media Law

    "The blog's main goal is to inform its readers about the legal issues that confront those who utilize social media."

  • Social Media Law Blog

    "The number of businesses that are using the internet and social media to market their products is increasing exponentially all the time, which is why Sheppard Mullin has committed itself to providing regular updates and blog articles on social media and the ways in which the law intersects with it."

  • Sports Law Blog

    "All things legal relating to the sports world." Includes information about sports law symposia, current litigation involving professional athletes or athletic leagues, media battles and so much more.

  • Stream Industry

    Posts excerpt and link to news reports related to the communications, media, and entertainment industries.

  • StudioCF

    "StudioCF is the video law blog (vlawg) of Carlton Fields, featuring monthly episodes on a variety of cutting-edge legal topics."

  • Technology Law Source

    Posts cover the law as it relates to digital assets, patent law news and e-discovery developments and trends.

  • Telecom Law Monitor

    "Guide to enforcement-related news, events and trends within the telecommunications field. From the Federal Communications Commission to the Federal Trade Commission, to state public utility commissions and attorney generals, to private litigation, we cover Universal Service Fund enforcement, truth-in-billing rules, do-not-call developments, consumer proprietary network information actions, access charge litigation, prepaid card enforcement actions and other related developments."

  • TelecomMediaTech Law Blog

    Posts cover the latest from the Federal Communications Commission, net neutrality and mergers and litigation of media law interest.

  • The BHBA IP & New Media Blog

    "Posts cover news, court rulings, and practice tips related to intellectual property law, privacy law, and issues pertaining to technology and new media."

  • The FOIA Blog

    "About government disclosure law, such as the Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and other federal and state laws that deal with disclosure."

  • The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It

    Technology and patent law news and litigation as well as Internet and media law topics. Many posts also cover the latest PDA devices and their applications.

  • The Legal Satyricon

    "Occasionally irreverent thoughts on law, liberty, tech and politics." This blog focuses on First Amendment, entertainment, and intellectual property law issues as well as commentary on legal practice and legal education issues.

  • The Shout

    This blawg comments on criminal law and cyberlaw, with an emphasis on free speech, privacy and computer security.

  • The Unruly of Law

    "A daily blog that reports on developments in communications law and the journalism field in a humorous tone."

  • Threat Level

    "Privacy, crime and security online." Posts cover the criminal charges filed and appellate rulings handed down that contribute to the evolving definition of what online speech is legal and ethical, among other media law and technology law issues in the news.

  • Virtual World Law Blog

    "Covers interesting business and legal issues and upcoming events in the virtual world, social media and video game industries."

  • Vogel Internet, Information Technology and e-Discovery Blog

    "Social changes brought about by the Internet; and the future of computing and Internet technology."

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