Medical Malpractice

  • North Carolina Trial Law Blog

    "This blawg concentrates on trial strategies for plaintiffs lawyers as well as liens and subrogation issues in North Carolina. It is an excellent source for up to-the-minute review of lien and subrogation law in North Carolina, as well as issues pertaining to personal injury law."

  • Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog

    Lawsuits filed and verdicts against nursing homes in abuse cases.

  • Nursing Homes Abuse Blog

    "Articles and information on the following issues related to nursing home abuse and neglect: bedsores, pressure sores, bedrail injuries, medication errors, medical errors, falls, physical abuse, sex abuse, elopement / wandering, understaffing and nursing home litigation."

  • Oklahoma Law Blog

    "The Oklahoma Law blog focuses on safety and personal injury issues that affect Oklahomans, but have a nationwide impact. Topics covered include car crash safety, health news, and product recall information."

  • Oklahoma Personal Injury News

    "The personal injury blog from McIntyre Law provides timely news and information on car accidents, truck accidents, drug liability information and safety for the state of Oklahoma."

  • Orlando Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog

    Covers news, events, and recent updates to medical malpractice law in Florida.

  • Paul Edlund Law Blog

    A blog covering personal injury issues in Minnesota.

  • Perey Law Group

    "Blog posts for residents of Seattle looking for information about legal topics and local news."

  • Personal Injury Blog

    "Discusses current issues and cases involving accidents and injury in Manhattan and throughout the New York City metro area."

  • Philadelphia Top Injury Lawyer Blog

    Reviews injury law news, reports and cases in Pennsylvania.

  • Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Law

    Covers medical malpractice cases, news and reform.

  • Portland Injury Litigation Blog

    "Provides information about product recalls, trucking or auto safety matters, risks patients face when seeking medical care, employment discrimination, making insurance claims and more."

  • PVW Health Care Law Blog

    Posts about legislation that affects health-care litigation as well as legal information of use to health-care providers.

  • Race to the Courthouse

    "Dedicated to providing information, news and interviews for law students interested in a career in personal injury, products liability or professional malpractice law."

  • RBR Law Blog

    Posts include information about personal injury news in Oklahoma, workplace safety and disability claims.

  • Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney Blog

    "Information, original articles, links and posts concerning Rhode Island personal injury law, car accidents, medical malpractice and slip-and-fall."

  • Sacramento Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog

    "Analyzes medical malpractice cases, news and opinions in California.'

  • Salvi Law Updates from Our Illinois Personal Injury Legal Team

    The authors blog about personal injury cases in the Chicago metro area and in Illinois, including topics on traffic safety and product liability.

  • San Diego Injury Law Blog

    San Diego injury attorneys Randall R. Walton and D. Scott Barber blog about personal injury, insurance, and professional negligence-related matters.

  • Seeger Weiss Blog: Legal News and Analysis

    "A dedicated legal news and informational resource that provides in-depth coverage on consumer protection matters."

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