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Appelman Law Firm Criminal Defense Blog

"A daily law blog from the perspective of four criminal trial attorneys in Minnesota."

Criminal Defense Blog

"Answers to Minnesota criminal law questions."


Probate, power of attorney agreements, trusts and taxes.


"Family law trends in Minnesota and across the country."

Fire on the River

"Fire on the River tracks significant developments in environmental law with a particular emphasis on environmental law developments in Minnesota."

Food Poisoning Law Blog

Reports of disease outbreaks at food processing facilities, food product recalls and related litigation.

Gillette-Torvik Blog

"Two lawyers in two states blog about law and the issues of the day, and then comment on each other's posts. Sparks threaten to fly, in a civil, respectful, and exclusively metaphorical way."

JDs Rising

"A blog for a new generation of Minnesota lawyers."

Joel Heiligman Law

“Covers relevant DUI issues and court cases, in addition to criminal law matters including drug offenses and assault.”

Law Blog

Business-related trials, litigation and jury verdicts in the Twin Cities.

Legal Updates Blog

"Tracks legal developments on civil rights, employment, labor, and privacy rights among others. The blog follows state and federal cases and pending legislation."

Mankato Bankruptcy Lawyers

"A non-legalese blog for the average consumer going through financial problems."

Meuser & Associates Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Blog

"News and information about Minnesota workers' compensation law, including helpful information for injured workers."

Minnesota Criminal Defense Law Blog

Posts are primarily about criminal cases in Minnesota, but also address high-profile criminal cases around the country. Occasionally has tips for criminal defendants.

Minnesota Divorce & Family Law Blog

"Useful, up-to-date information on divorce and family law issues."

Minnesota Divorce and Family Law

"Insights gained while practicing exclusively divorce and family law."

Minnesota DWI Defense Blog

Posts cover news, scientific developments and changes in the law relating to drunken driving, aka DWI/DUI/OWI, in Minnesota.

Minnesota Employment Law

Comments about and links to new developments in employment law, with a focus on Minnesota

Minnesota Family Law Blog

"General issues and current events related to family law in Minnesota."

Minnesota Litigator

Posts cover interesting new litigation filed and opinions handed down in federal and state courts in Minnesota, and the author includes his own thoughts and predictions. "Noteworthy events for bench and bar" as well as issues likely to have an effect on law practice in Minnesota are also covered.

Minnesota Wage & Hour

Minnesota wage & hour issues (including prevailing wage) for employers.

Minnesota Workers Compensation Secrets from a Former Insurance Company Attorney

"Topics include temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits, Maximum Medical Improvement, rehabilitation, permanent partial disability benefits and medical disputes."

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Advocate

"Issues and current events related to workers' comp in the state of Minnesota."

MinnLawyer Blog

General legal news focused on issues important in Minnesota.


"This blog is dedicated to an open discussion of current workplace issues employers are facing as a result of today’s increasingly netWORKed workplace. We will also keep you posted on current events in the ever-changing legal landscape of technology in the workplace. How do you as an employer harness the power of the web and protect yourself at the same time?"

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