New York Law School

Adjunct Law Prof Blog

Covers issues and information meant for adjunct law professors and labor / union law stories in the news.

Case Clothesed

"Meant to keep the public informed and knowledgeable about all things fashionably law and legally fashionable."

Law and Batting Order

"A Web show designed to discuss legal developments in the world of sports. A new episode is uploaded every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month in which a major sports headline or ongoing topic is discussed and how it relates to the law, whether it's a criminal matter, a contract law issue, or a tort claim."

Legal As She Is Spoke

Students in New York Law School's Program in Law and Journalism look at legal stories in the mainstream news media, evaluate the reporting, and probe further, questioning facts and statements in the coverage that someone who hasn't studied law might take at face value.

New York Real Estate Lawyers’ Blog

"Witty analysis of the latest cases and developments in the law as they impact New York (and the rest of the world)."