New York

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Daniel H. Erskine, Small Business Lawyer

"Featuring comments and links by an attorney engaged in assisting small businesses in establishing and transacting business internationally and within the US."

Disability Insurance Lawyer Blog

The blog examines disability insurance law news, reports and cases in New York.

Divorce New York Style

"Designed to inform, update and explore issues concerning divorce and divorce law in New York."


"Recent developments in case law in the Eastern District of New York, analysis and commentary."

Employment Lawyer Blog

"Reviews employment law news, cases and reports in New York."


"Compiles environmental legal news and updates regarding New York state."

ERISA Lawyer Blog

"Reviews ERISA law news, matters and opinions in New York."


"Escheatable is a ... blog of news, analysis, and commentary regarding abandoned and unclaimed property (escheat) law."

Fourth and Fourteenth

The blog focuses on civil rights, particularly police misconduct, and criminal law, mostly in New York but also nationwide.

Franchise Law Solutions

"Information about business and franchise law at a state and federal level."

Franchise Lawyer Blog

"Reviews franchise law news, reports and opinions in New York."

Golf Dispute Resolution

Blog discusses cases in which golf plays a role, with a myriad of quirky and humorous results.

Health Care Compliance Watch

Blog discusses health law, primarily in New York and New Jersey. Topics include Medicare and Medicaid, electronic health records, HIPAA and health care compliance.

Heaven on Earth

"When he moved to 60 Centre Street, amid the complex of state and federal court houses, Alan Gotthelf also found himself next to Manhattan's ever-expanding Chinatown, possibly the greatest concentration of restaurants in the world. This offered him intriguing prospects for lunch each day, a sort of dream come true." Posts are mainly reviews of Chinese restaurants.


News related to members of the HoganWillig law firm and occasional posts relevant to New York residents or regarding federal legislation.

Injury Blog

Posts offer tips for New Yorkers injured in accidents.

Injury Law Adviser

"Top advice for injury claims."

Inside the News: The William Mattar Legal Blog

Posts cover vehicle safety tips, news on manufacturers' new safety protocols and vehicle accidents in New York.

James Maisano, Esq.—Legal Blog

Posts share thoughts about legal issues and cases of interest to the author.

Jewish Legal Perspectives

"At the intersection of Law and Judaism, two lawyers take a break from billable hours to kick back, mix metaphors and consider the bigger picture."

Joseph Potashnik & Associates

Posts describe various crimes involving financial transactions as well as their penalties.

Kyle-Beth Hilfer Law Blog

Blog focuses on advertising and marketing law, social media, and trademark/copyright issues. Posts cover issues such as "Ten Steps for Managing Employees in Social Media" and "Privacy Issues with the Media."

Lady Litigator™ – Lisa Fantino

Op-ed posts mainly cover federal legislation and politics and issues, legal or not, of interest to New Yorkers.

Law & Food

"Law & Food is all about dualities. Law, which strives to be fair and objective, balanced against the ultimate subjective experience: Food. We write about the classic fine-dining establishments of New York City like Daniel, Peter Lugar and Le Bernardin, while simultaneously scouring Flushing basement stalls and Latin American food trucks in Brooklyn. "

Law of Fashion

Posts provide commentary on cases and controversies in the clothing world.

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