New York

  • EDNY Blog

    "Recent developments in case law in the Eastern District of New York, analysis and commentary."

  • Employment Lawyer Blog

    "Reviews employment law news, cases and reports in New York."

  • Envirosphere

    "Compiles environmental legal news and updates regarding New York state."

  • ERISA Lawyer Blog

    "Reviews ERISA law news, matters and opinions in New York."

  • Escheatable

    "Escheatable is a ... blog of news, analysis, and commentary regarding abandoned and unclaimed property (escheat) law."

  • Fourth and Fourteenth

    The blog focuses on civil rights, particularly police misconduct, and criminal law, mostly in New York but also nationwide.

  • Franchise Law Solutions

    "Information about business and franchise law at a state and federal level."

  • Franchise Lawyer Blog

    "Reviews franchise law news, reports and opinions in New York."

  • Golf Dispute Resolution

    "Golf Dispute Resolution tracks the intersection between golf and the resolution of legal disputes." Blog discusses cases in which golf plays a role.

  • Health Care Compliance Watch

    Blog discusses health law, primarily in New York and New Jersey. Topics include Medicare and Medicaid, electronic health records, HIPAA and health care compliance.

  • Heaven on Earth

    "When he moved to 60 Centre Street, amid the complex of state and federal court houses, Alan Gotthelf also found himself next to Manhattan's ever-expanding Chinatown, possibly the greatest concentration of restaurants in the world. This offered him intriguing prospects for lunch each day, a sort of dream come true." Posts are mainly reviews of Chinese restaurants.

  • HoganWillig

    News related to members of the HoganWillig law firm and occasional posts relevant to New York residents or regarding federal legislation.

  • Injury Blog

    Posts offer tips for New Yorkers injured in accidents.

  • Injury Law Adviser

    "Top advice for injury claims."

  • Inside the News: The William Mattar Legal Blog

    Posts cover vehicle safety tips, news on manufacturers' new safety protocols and vehicle accidents in New York.

  • James Maisano, Esq.—Legal Blog

    Posts share thoughts about legal issues and cases of interest to the author.

  • Jewish Legal Perspectives

    "At the intersection of Law and Judaism, two lawyers take a break from billable hours to kick back, mix metaphors and consider the bigger picture."

  • Joseph Potashnik & Associates

    Posts describe various crimes involving financial transactions as well as their penalties.

  • Kyle-Beth Hilfer Law Blog

    Blog focuses on advertising and marketing law, social media, and trademark/copyright issues. Posts cover issues such as "Ten Steps for Managing Employees in Social Media" and "Privacy Issues with the Media."

  • Lady Litigator™ – Lisa Fantino

    Op-ed posts mainly cover federal legislation and politics and issues, legal or not, of interest to New Yorkers.

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