New York

  • Legal As She Is Spoke

    Students in New York Law School's Program in Law and Journalism look at legal stories in the mainstream news media, evaluate the reporting, and probe further, questioning facts and statements in the coverage that someone who hasn't studied law might take at face value.

  • lennyesq

    Posts news of interest to members of the New York bar as well as about new gadgets.

  • Leonard Link

    "Reporting and commentary on law, music, film and current events, ... with a special emphasis on sexuality & the law."

  • Long Island Estate and Probate Attorney

    Posts answer trusts and estate-planning questions a potential client may have.

  • Medical & Pharmacy Attorneys

    This blawg is devoted to legal issues affecting health care providers in New York. It covers topics related to new developments in federal and state laws and other topics of interest.

  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers Blog | New York

    Posts cover patient safety issues in New York.

  • Ndubsky’s Blog

    Commentary on news events and recent court opinions, primarily in constitutional law, and links to related articles.

  • New York & New Jersey Employment Law Blog

    Employment law news and information relating to New York and New Jersey.

  • New York Appellate Law Blog

    "This Blog is dedicated to providing the latest significant tort and insurance coverage decisions in New York's Appellate Courts; cases which have been granted leave to appeal to the New York Court of Appeals; and other practice tips or information regarding appeals to New York's Appellate Courts."

  • New York Attorney Malpractice Blog

    The New York Attorney Malpractice Blog has summaries and links to cases and news about legal malpractice.

  • New York Business Divorce

    New York Business Divorce provides information on dissolution and other disputes among owners of New York corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

  • New York City Criminal Law Answers

    Posts answer "questions regarding criminal charges, criminal procedures, fraud and other charges."

  • New York Civil Service Attorney Law Blog

    "Article 78 cases reviewed and discussed. Employee discipline cases summarized and commented on in addition to pistol licenses cases."

  • New York Commercial Division Case Compendium

    "Briefly summarizes recent decisions, with links to the decisions, rendered by justices within the New York State Supreme Court's Commercial Division."

  • New York Construction Law

    "This blog is a resource for construction professionals, including developers, contractors and suppliers. Topics to be addressed will include statutory changes affecting contractors; insurance, labor and litigation issues; real estate development and the issues affecting the construction process."

  • New York Court Watcher

    News and commentary on the New York Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States, and more.

  • New York Criminal Attorney Blog

    New York criminal justice news and Tillem & Campbell news.

  • New York Criminal Defense

    Describes and reviews developments in New York criminal law.

  • New York Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

    Discusses New York criminal law news, cases and opinions.

  • New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    New York criminal defense law involving criminal traffic matters, as well as New York DUI and vehicular assault cases.

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