New York

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Joseph Potashnik & Associates

Posts describe various crimes involving financial transactions as well as their penalties.

Kyle-Beth Hilfer Law Blog

Blog focuses on advertising and marketing law, social media, and trademark/copyright issues. Posts cover issues such as "Ten Steps for Managing Employees in Social Media" and "Privacy Issues with the Media."

Lady Litigator™ – Lisa Fantino

Op-ed posts mainly cover federal legislation and politics and issues, legal or not, of interest to New Yorkers.

Law & Food

"Law & Food is all about dualities. Law, which strives to be fair and objective, balanced against the ultimate subjective experience: Food. We write about the classic fine-dining establishments of New York City like Daniel, Peter Lugar and Le Bernardin, while simultaneously scouring Flushing basement stalls and Latin American food trucks in Brooklyn. "

Law of Fashion

Posts provide commentary on cases and controversies in the clothing world.

Lawyers in Transition

"This blog was created with several purposes in mind. It is a forum in which New York State Bar Association members can publicly comment on articles, suggest CLE programs that may be of interest to our fellow bloggers, critique articles that they may have read which may have been on our website or which they have come across, discuss job opportunities and potential employers who have been willing to tap this vast and often overlooked resource of talent, and suggest improvements or additions to our website."

Legal As She Is Spoke

Students in New York Law School's Program in Law and Journalism look at legal stories in the mainstream news media, evaluate the reporting, and probe further, questioning facts and statements in the coverage that someone who hasn't studied law might take at face value.


Posts news of interest to members of the New York bar as well as about new gadgets.

Long Island Estate and Probate Attorney

Posts answer trusts and estate-planning questions a potential client may have.

Long Island Land Use

"This blog provides information on current land use and zoning issues on Long Island, New York."

Medical & Pharmacy Attorneys

This blawg is devoted to legal issues affecting health care providers in New York. It covers topics related to new developments in federal and state laws and other topics of interest.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Blog | New York

Posts cover patient safety issues in New York.

Nahoum Law

A blog covering consumer law, debt collection issues and credit law.

Ndubsky’s Blog

Commentary on news events and recent court opinions, primarily in constitutional law, and links to related articles.

New York & New Jersey Employment Law Blog

Employment law news and information relating to New York and New Jersey.

New York Appellate Law Blog

"This Blog is dedicated to providing the latest significant tort and insurance coverage decisions in New York's Appellate Courts; cases which have been granted leave to appeal to the New York Court of Appeals; and other practice tips or information regarding appeals to New York's Appellate Courts."

New York Attorney Malpractice Blog

The New York Attorney Malpractice Blog has summaries and links to cases and news about legal malpractice.

New York Business Divorce

New York Business Divorce provides information on dissolution and other disputes among owners of New York corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

New York Business Lawyer Blog

Posts address topics in insurance, real estate and civil litigation, among others, in New York.

New York City Criminal Law Answers

Posts answer "questions regarding criminal charges, criminal procedures, fraud and other charges."

New York City Personal Injury Law Blog

Posts answer frequently asked questions that a layperson might have about personal injury law topics.

New York Civil Service Attorney Law Blog

"Article 78 cases reviewed and discussed. Employee discipline cases summarized and commented on in addition to pistol licenses cases."

New York Commercial Division Case Compendium

"Briefly summarizes recent decisions, with links to the decisions, rendered by justices within the New York State Supreme Court's Commercial Division."

New York Commercial Litigation Blog

Posts address a wide array of topics for attorneys in New York, offering insight and advice for how to proceed with different challenges in litigation law.

New York Construction Law

"This blog is a resource for construction professionals, including developers, contractors and suppliers. Topics to be addressed will include statutory changes affecting contractors; insurance, labor and litigation issues; real estate development and the issues affecting the construction process."

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