• Franchise Law Update

    "Our franchise law bloggers not only discuss the regulatory aspects of franchising, but also diverse topics such as business finance, employment, litigation and the protection of intellectual property including trademarks and copyrights."

  • From the Sidebar

    "Trial, litigation and the practice of law."

  • gatewayFDA

    "Provides analysis, commentary, and resources to help foreign pharmaceutical and medical device companies make sense of the ever-evolving FDA regulations and understand the complete range of U.S. legal issues that may complicate bringing a drug, medical device, or other FDA-regulated product or service to market in the United States."

  • General Counselor

    Labor law news and legislation.

  • Generation J.D.

    Young practicing lawyers in Maryland and Washington, D.C., share their experiences starting out in the legal profession and balancing work and family life. They also post about whatever other news or topics—law-related or otherwise—they want to cover.

  • Genomics Law Report

    Posts cover gene patent litigation and litigation related to genetic nondiscrimination rights.

  • George’s Employment Blawg

    A St. Louis labor and employment lawyer discusses human resources issues, labor law and today’s workplace.

  • Georgia IP Litigation

    "Monitors patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret cases pending in Georgia federal district courts and in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta. The blog alerts readers to initiation of such cases in the district courts and summarizes relevant orders and opinions from each covered court."

  • Global Tax Blog

    "Practical insights for in-house tax and finance professionals."

  • Government Contracts Blog

    "Focuses on the proposed U.S. government contracting reforms and other related, timely topics" and provides "insight and comment on how these new procedures will affect how businesses contract with the U.S. government."

  • Government Contracts, Investigations & International Trade Blog

    "The latest updates on developments affecting government contracts, investigations and international trade."

  • GREENberg bLAWg

    "Provides a unique and informative environmental news source that connects the law and the environment."

  • GT LE Blog

    "Coverage of key national labor and employment developments. Virtually every week, some case is decided, or bill introduced, or regulation changed—or something else happens—that members of the national labor and employment law community need to take into account. These are the 'nuggets' that LE Blog shares with you —weekly 'take-aways' we think are essential, drawn from all the information you, and we, see each week. As one of our clients told us—'it would be great if I could just get a few weekly headlines.' So, as a way to get you those headlines, LE Blog comments on critical developments every few days, placing them in the context of the broad spectrum of labor and employment law, the way we do internally when we give a heads up to any of our more that 100 employment lawyers in our 30 domestic and foreign offices—'hey, here's one you need to know about—and why.' "


    A resource with insight, observations about new laws and regulations impacting the maritime environment, emphasizing Hawaii and Oceania.

  • Health Care

    Court rulings, legislation and laws related to health care.

  • Health Care Reform

    "Key materials and tools that to help readers understand developing legal issues as health care reform evolves. As legislation develops, our industry leaders comment on how proposals affect their business, what they would like to see in the proposal, and much more."

  • Hess on Business Law

    "Practical Legal Information for Companies that Do Business in California." Mainly discusses labor & employment law topics.


    "Legal Issues, developments and other pertinent information relating to the creation, use and exchange of electronic health records."

  • Hodgson Russ’s Clean and Green Law Blog

    "Global energy markets are experiencing unprecedented changes, creating fundamental challenges to the way the world does business. Within these global markets, the clean energy sector faces unique pressures—and thus opportunities—for companies and investors. Hodgson Russ’s Clean and Green Law Blog provides analysis, commentary, and resources from all relevant substantive areas of law, including corporate and securities, energy, environmental, finance, intellectual property, real estate, and tax, among others, to help U.S.-based and foreign companies involved in all aspects of renewable energy, green building, and other cleantech industries navigate the unique opportunities and challenges presented by this paradigm shift."

  • Hospitality Labor and Employment Law Blog

    "News, trends, and analysis of the labor and employment laws and policies that affect employers in every aspect of the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, clubs, casinos, cruise ships, and golf courses. The blog is intended to serve as a resource for hospitality industry employers when they deal with issues related to labor management relations, arbitration, collective bargaining, discrimination complaints, administrative claims, wage-hour litigation, immigration and worksite enforcement, benefits plans, and ERISA compliance to name a few."

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