• Bankruptcy-RealEstate-Insights

    "The blog explains the mysteries of bankruptcy law to real estate and acquisition lawyers. Understanding the treatment of real estate issues in bankruptcy and the unique aspects of buying assets out of bankruptcy can be invaluable in counseling clients and developing strategies."

  • Basis Points

    "Provides context and offers fresh (if irreverent) commentary on developments in today's restructuring, distressed debt and new investment markets." It also offers "a new haiku or other short poem each week on negotiations and lawyering."

  • Becker’s Iowa Environmental Law Update

    "Discussions about recent cases, legislation, and hot topics related to environmental laws and regulations."

  • Benefits Bryan Cave

    "Making the benefits and compensation pieces fit."

  • Benefits Law Update

    "The blog provides timely updates and commentary on developments in law affecting employee benefit plans and executive compensation arrangements."

  • Between the Lines

    "A discussion of case law and statutory law affecting commercial lines of insurance. The focus is on Massachusetts and the New England States; but authors will address case law in other jurisdictions from time to time."

  • Beyond Health Care Reform

    "Examines the impact of new rules and regulations affecting employers, group health plans, and health care providers, as well as insurance contracts and all aspects of plan design and coverage."

  • Big Data Tech Law

    "The business ingenuity law firm is the information law firm, so big data is our DNA. Whether we’re coming at it from information strategy, IP portfolio management, patents, trademarks, privacy, security, defensible destruction, records management, electronic transactions, contracts, litigation or vendor management, it’s increasingly all about the velocity, variety and volume of big data and how to make the most of it."

  • Bill Wagner Environmental Lawyer

    Posts about environmental law. Topics include vapor intrusion testing.

  • Black’s Law, A Blog

    Blog discusses high-profile criminal cases in the news and gives tips for trial attorneys.

  • Blawgletter

    Blawgletter covers developments in business trial law, including recent court decisions, with a sense of humor.

  • Blog 702

    "The official blog of Daubert on the Web, a resource on the law of expert evidence.

  • Bose Law and Technology Blog

    "Discussing technology legal issues and providing tips on the use of technology in the practice of law."

  • Boston Accident Lawyer Blog

    This blawg examines injury law news, cases and reports in Massachusetts.

  • Bribery Library

    "Commentary on the United Kingdom Bribery Act and its impact on international business."

  • Broadcast Law Blog

    Covers news, issues and legal developments in the broadcast industry.

  • Bryan Cave Fiduciary Litigation

    "Providing updates on litigation that affects corporate and individual fiduciaries."

  • Bryan Cave Life, Death and Taxes

    "A legal blog dedicated to the world of estate planning and tax planning."

  • BSA Audit Blog

    This blawg is dedicated to software audits enforced by the Business Software Alliance.

  • BT Labor Relations

    Posts cover legislation related to the National Labor Relations Act and actions of the National Labor Relations Board.

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