• New Jersey Accident and Injury Law Blog

    The blog tracks personal injury case issues such as traffic law, recalls, workplace hazards and ordinance updates in New Jersey and New York City.

  • New Jersey Appellate Law

    "Focusing on New Jersey appeals, appellate law, and appellate practice, particularly regarding decisions and other actions of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals." Written for an audience of lawyers.

  • New Jersey Estate Planning & Elder Law Blog

    Posts examine life and death in the Garden State from a perspective of estate planning, elder law, taxation, business planning, probate and estate administration.

  • New Jersey Estate Planning | Medina Law Group

    Contains advice on estate planning and management, estate taxes and descriptions of elder law and the VA benefits and Medicaid processes. Written specifically for New Jersey.

  • New Jersey Healthcare Blog

    Posts cover law as it relates to the practice of medicine.

  • New Jersey Healthcare Law Blog

    Posts include updates on healthcare regulations and policies in the medical industry in New Jersey and nationwide.

  • New Jersey Law Blog

    New Jersey Law Blog posts summaries of New Jersey case law on trusts and estates. It also has information about the trusts-and-estates lawyers of Stark & Stark. A podcast feed is also available.

  • New Jersey Product Liability & Consumer Fraud Defense

    "Today’s manufacturers, retailers, and importers face intense regulatory scrutiny—and an increasingly litigious customer base—as they design, build, and sell the products used in everyday life and industry."

  • New Mexico Appellate Law Blog

    "Following developments in New Mexico's appellate courts and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals."

  • New Miami Blog

    "Insights and commentary into the Gateway City's expanding global significance."

  • New York Appellate Law Blog

    "This Blog is dedicated to providing the latest significant tort and insurance coverage decisions in New York's Appellate Courts; cases which have been granted leave to appeal to the New York Court of Appeals; and other practice tips or information regarding appeals to New York's Appellate Courts."

  • New York Business Divorce

    New York Business Divorce provides information on dissolution and other disputes among owners of New York corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

  • New York Commercial Division Case Compendium

    "Briefly summarizes recent decisions, with links to the decisions, rendered by justices within the New York State Supreme Court's Commercial Division."

  • New York Real Estate Lawyers’ Blog

    "Witty analysis of the latest cases and developments in the law as they impact New York (and the rest of the world)."

  • New York Social Security Disability Lawyer Blog

    Posts discuss Social Security disability news, reports and legislation in New York.

  • New York Trusts & Estates Litigation Blog

    "Discusses disputes that arise in Surrogate's Court, including construction of wills and trusts, probate, evidence, fiduciaries and spousal right of election."

  • News For Whistleblowers

    Posts include updates about fraud and unethical industry behavior cases as well as policy changes regarding the protection and rights of whistleblowers.

  • NH Estate Planning

    Posts address topics in elder care and estate planning, trusts and wills in New Hampshire.

  • NJ Environmental Law Blog

    "Environmental legal news, legislation and updates."

  • NJ Family Legal Blog

    "Provides practical information and useful tips related to such topics as alimony, child support, custody, parenting time, divorce, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and grandparent visitation. This blog is an excellent resource for individuals with New Jersey specific family law questions and advisors whose clients may encounter family law issues."

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