• The Andrews & Thornton Blog

    The bloggers write about the latest pharmaceutical recalls, medical side effect lawsuits and dangerous medical procedure cases.

  • The Appellate Record

    "The online community and virtual watering hole for appellate lawyers and anyone else who is comfortable with their inner law nerd."

  • The Appellate Strategist

    "News and commentary on cutting-edge legal issues pending in state and federal appellate courts across the country." Lots of state supreme court coverage.

  • The Asian Law Blog

    "Regular updates on Asian law."

  • The Asylumist

    "The Asylumist is a blog about political asylum in the U.S. We hope it serves as a forum for discussion about law, policy, and politics of asylum. We cover issues related to asylees’ mental health, experience in the asylum system, and adjustment to life in the U.S."

  • The Belly of the Beast

    "Illuminating dark corners from an insider's perspective on BigLaw's ongoing transformation from a profession to a bottom-line business." Posts dissect and comment on news coverage relating to BigLaw life—and sometimes what the blogger hears from other BigLaw partners like himself (though he has recently retired).

  • The Bose Insurance Blog

    "Timely and useful information for insurers."

  • The Brand Protection Blog

    "Reports on developments and trends in all areas of the law that impact brands, including the creation, promotion and protection of branded products and services. Our goal is to help you better understand the impact of evolving laws and regulations; better implement an effective, integrated brand strategy, and better combat the manufacture and sale of infringing and counterfeit goods."

  • The Business and Franchise Law Blog

    "Tips for those interested in franchising their business, investing in a franchise and for the small- to midsize business owner or prospective owner."

  • The California Workplace Advisor

    Posts cover employment law with a focus on California, rulings from the National Labor Relations Board and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and wage-and-hour class actions.

  • The Candid Review Appellate Blog

    "The Candid Review offers a summary of recent appeal cases and news regarding the appellate law world."

  • The CFSL Bulletin

    "In an economy where consumers are driving reform, it’s critical for financial institution leaders to stay on top of evolving issues. The CFSL Bulletin is your source for candid legal thinking—and a place to share your own views—on significant news and developments in the consumer financial services arena."

  • The Connected Lawyer

    A blawg discussing advances in legal technology and the effects that it has upon the practice of law.

  • The Contractor’s Perspective

    "Offering perspective on key developments in the law of government contracts."

  • The Corporate Observer

    "Publicizes and supports consumer rights and objectives through targeted blogging. Our blogs often discuss issues important to consumers in various industries including securities law, product defects, customer service, consumer scams and more."

  • The Droid Lawyer

    Posts take note of new Android-powered devices and apps and how lawyers can use them in their practices.

  • The Employer Handbook

    Labor and employment issues for employers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Posts cover actions of the National Labor Relations Board, critique corporations' social media policies and discuss how much the law protects trade secrets.

  • The Energy Law Blog

    Oil and gas exploration, production, and marketing in the Gulf Coast.

  • The Essential Patent Blog

    "Covers the rapidly changing landscape of standard-essential patents. This area has drawn increased attention from industry, government, and media, fueled by recent high-profile cellphone wars and other patent litigation. Virtually all industries are affected by SEP issues, from online service providers to communications equipment manufacturers."

  • The Ethical Quandary

    "A legal ethics and litigation blog."

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