• The Ethical Quandary

    "A legal ethics and litigation blog."

  • The Family Law Blog

    Comments on developments in U.K. family law.

  • The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation

    This blog provides updates on working papers, seminars, speakers, and other activities sponsored by the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance. "The blog will also provide a forum for communications about corporate governance by individuals associated with the program—faculty, fellows, and members of the program’s advisory board—as well as by guest contributors and others."

  • The Health Law Firm Blog

    "The Health Law Blog provides analysis, comment, information and updates regarding health care legislation, enforcement and regulation." Blog is written for an audience of health care professionals.

  • The Healthcare Investor

    "Insights on issues and trends that impact investments in healthcare and life sciences business."

  • The In-House Advisor

    "The In-House Advisor was created to provide in-house counsel (as well as CEOs, CFOs and other C-Level decision makers) with practical, helpful and thoughtful advice on a variety of legal issues."

  • The IP Law Blog

    Discussion of IP-related news, cases and legal issues.

  • The IP Stone

    "A blog to make sense of intellectual property issues for businesspeople. Focused on trade secrets, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and computer and cyberlaw."

  • The Korean Law Blog

    Regular updates on Korean law.

  • The Lanza Firm Blog

    "The Lanza Firm blog deals with current issues in public utility regulatory law in Pennsylvania."

  • The Law Offices of Tad Nelson

    "Blog about criminal defense and DUI/DWI law in Texas. We write regularly about drunk driving, breath tests, felony DWI, traffic stops and more."

  • The Law@Work

    Developments in labor and employment law.

  • The Legal Blog

    "The Legal Blog seeks to give business owners and entrepreneurs insight into the often complicated world of commercial litigation."

  • The Lien Zone

    "The Lien Zone regularly posts articles, videos, infographics and useful forms."

  • The Marks Law Firm Blog

    "The blog focuses on divorce and family law. The scope of the blog is centered on Missouri issues, as well as nationally engaging events. The blog is written to be understood by both lawyers and and lay people alike."

  • The Modern Workplace

    "Exploring current issues in employment and labor law."

  • The New Carbon Cycle

    News and analysis of the rapidly evolving law and policy surrounding climate change, carbon trading and markets, and renewable energy.

  • The Personal Injury Blog

    "A wide variety of posts covering every aspect of personal injury and accident claims law in the U.K."

  • The Public Blawg

    This blawg covers court decisions and other news relevant to the practice of public law. It also provides information about law conferences and links to recently issued government documents.

  • The Reexamination Center

    Describes the process of patent reexamination, provides tips and talks about patent law cases in the news.

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