Patent Law

  • Trade Secret / Noncompete

    "In today’s digital economy, your trade secrets and confidential information could be a click away from being compromised. The Trade Secret/Noncompete Blog wants to be your interactive forum for the latest developments and industry news that you can use to help secure your most valuable company assets."

  • Trademark Sentinel Blog

    "This blog is geared to many of the fundamentals of trademark practice as well as some of the more interesting and recent developments and nuances in the field of trademark law." Most of the posts are written for trademark applicants, with advice on the process.

  • U.S. IP LAW

    "Comments on all aspects of U.S. intellectual property law and policy, general IP, business IP, and entertainment IP, plus comments of interest!"

  • UAV Patents, Patent Litigation and Patent Appeal(s) Weblog

    "Unmanned aerial vehicles patent applications are covered."

  • UnIntellectual Property

    "UnIntellectual Property (or UnIP, a term coined by the publisher of this blog and used throughout it) is the opposite of intellectual property. Whereas intellectual property typically affords the owner exclusive rights, unintellectual property affords no one owner exclusive rights. This blog,, highlights instances where an owner attempted to claim exclusive intellectual property rights in a trademark, copyright, or trade secret (and to a lesser extent patent) only to have a court of law, or other authority, declare no intellectual property rights exists."

  • Visae Patentes

    "Covers intellectual property law and IP politics from an European perspective and with emphasis on computer-related issues, such as software patents or the like."

  • Washington State Patent Law Blog

    This blawg focuses on patent law and litigation in Washington state or affecting industries in Washington state. It also includes postings on important issues relating to software, biotechnology, and patent reform.

  • Written Description

    "Reviews recent scholarship on patent law, intellectual property theory, and innovation."

  • Zing IP Blog

    "I started this blog because IP fascinates me. You can’t go down the street without seeing it everywhere. Patents are the engine of our increasingly technical and global economy. Trademarks are the common thread of our society. And who do you know that doesn’t want to write a book, a play or a song? The fact is IP is a great subject and many people want to and need to understand it better. There are plenty of fantastic blogs out there for those with experience in the field (see my links and feeds). But, for the simply curious and the uninitiated or those that just don’t want to scroll through a lot of heavy text to get the point there is Zing IP blog."

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