Product Liability Law


    "Updated information regarding recalls, child safety news, best safety practices, state-of-the-art products, as well as opinions about everything related to child safety. While the site will have tips about major topics such as toys, water safety, and safety in and around cars, it will also have links to the best websites for each of these topics."

  • Class Action Blog

    Discusses class action lawsuits, including deceptive marketing, FDA rulings, illegal billing and defective products.

  • Consumer Advocate Legal Update

    Posts cover activities of the firm's lawyers, litigation tips, potential sources of tort litigation, Federal Trade Commission guidelines and recent class action decisions in California.

  • Consumer Rights Law Blog

    Consumer protection law and topics, defective motor vehicle and warranty law, product recall info; and motor vehicle industry news, notes, issues and updates.

  • Council Bluffs Personal Injury Lawyer

    "Any personal injury or legal or societal topic he feels to be relevant to Injuryboard and all of its great readers."

  • Cutter Law Blog

    "A look at personal injury, pharmaceutical, and medical news in and around the Sacramento, California area."

  • Dan Berexa’s Tennessee Law Blog

    A Tennessee lawyer discussing personal injury, product liability, trial practice and legal technology.

  • Dangerous Drugs

    "Latest news, court filing and commentary about pharmaceutical products."

  • DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

    The DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog covers information about safety and personal injury law.

  • Defending Food Safety

    Food safety practices, legislation and technology.

  • Defense Litigation Insider

    Posts speculate on new sources of litigation, news about mass tort and asbestos litigation, and reports about product recalls.

  • Drug and Device Law

    "Personal views of various topics that arise in the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigation." These BigLaw lawyer-authors pick apart rulings and explore issues common to their niche.

  • Drug Injury Attorney Blog

    Drug injury news, cases and judicial opinions in Missouri.

  • Drug Injury Lawyer Blog

    Posts cover drug injury law, as well as news and events associated with drug injury and product liability law.

  • Drug Injury Watch

    Drug Injury Watch provides developing information about prescription drug side effects as well as up-to-date news from the legal, medical, Food and Drug Administration, and pharmaceutical sectors. Tom Lamb's articles add insight from a drug litigation attorney perspective, but are written to be read by consumers and others.

  • Drug Recall Lawyer Blog

    "Reports on drug recall news, cases and opinions in Maryland."

  • E. coli Blog

    "Surveillance and analysis on E. coli news and outbreaks."

  • has news and summaries of rulings, categorized by judge, from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Posts frequently deal with patent cases.

  • eLocalLawyers Blog

    Posts are about an entire range of legal-related subjects. Recent entries include "Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements," "Enforcing Your Rights Against Auto Dealer Fraud" and "Mesothelioma Claims."

  • Estey Bomberger

    Posts cover personal injury cases in California.

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