Real Estate & Property Law

Florida HOA Lawyer Blog

"Condominium association and homeowners association issues for communities in Florida."

Florida Mortgage Modification Lawyer Blog

"Mortgage modification news, reports and legislation in Florida."

Food and Agriculture Law Blog

Posts discuss topics related to agricultural law and policies, farm animal welfare, and estate planning for farms.

Gould Cooksey Fennell Blog

"The Gould Cooksey Fennell Blog covers topics such as commercial litigation, estate and tax planning, personal injury, probate litigation, and real property groups."

Green Building Law Update

"Green Building Law Update is published by Stuart Kaplow as a resource on sustainability and green building law for the real estate industry including the construction, design, banking, insurance and other associated sectors. This blog serves as a forum to discuss green building laws, regulations, policy and trends."

Green Real Estate Law Journal

"Current issues in sustainable building law for owners, builders and design professionals."


"Provides a unique and informative environmental news source that connects the law and the environment."

HOA Law Blog

News, editorial content and legal information of interest to California community associations and those that manage and service them.

Housing Plus Blog

Posts cover the changing regulation in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, housing costs, the economy and a variety of other issues related to housing.

in limine: Blog of Real Estate Litigation and Condemnation

"This blog is about a wide variety of real estate litigation and condemnation topics. In our world of information-by-avalanche we hope to pick through professional journals, academic papers, books, and articles and bring the relevant ideas that will hopefully will make a positive impact on your professional practice."

Indiana Commercial Foreclosure Law

"Dedicated to parties that foreclose commercial mortgages, enforce liens and collect business debts."

This blawg "is devoted to recent developments and commentary on regulatory takings, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, property rights, and land use law."

Land & Lease

"Discusses California real property issues. The blog focuses on commercial real estate and an analysis of current changes to the law."

Land Use Law Blog

Updates, developments and commentary on land use, environmental, and real estate law in California.

Land Use Prof Blog

Covers news, issues and commentary related to land use law.

Law Office of David Piotrowski

“California evictions and interstate household goods transportation.”

Law Offices of Christopher A. Benson PLLC

Posts include topics about bankruptcy, estate planning, wills and real estate law in Washington state.

Legal Innovation at Work

Posts focus on construction law and real estate law topics with an emphasis on Florida.

Long Island Land Use

"This blog provides information on current land use and zoning issues on Long Island, New York."

Matthew Winton’s Oklahoma Community Association Blog

This blawg "is devoted to the sharing of information and resources for Oklahoma condominium associations, homeowner associations, neighborhood associations, and the people who live in additions with such associations and serve on their boards."

McBrayer Real Estate Blog

Posts address various topics in real estate law, advice for potential clients and updates in policy.

Mortgage Crisis Watch

"Business and legal issues affecting loan repurchases, mortgage-backed securities, and mortgage insurance."

Mortgage Fraud Blog

A clearinghouse for mortgage fraud news and civil and criminal cases and case law.

N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News

"A legal blog for North Carolina construction professionals to stay apprised of statutory, case law and other legal developments affecting owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, insurance carriers and other players in the industry."

National Eminent Domain Blog

This blawg covers eminent domain and condemnation.