• The California Biotech Law Blog

    "IP technology counseling and negotiation."

  • The California Blog of Appeal

    "The California Blog of Appeal is an appellate practitioner's take on practice and legal developments in the California Courts of Appeal, California Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. But it's not just for appellate lawyers. ... Trial lawyers will also be interested in the focus of this blog," which includes "(1) substantive legal developments; (2) appellate procedure, standards of review, and appellate jurisdiction that can greatly influence how a trial attorney shapes litigation at the trial level; (3) post-trial practice in the trial courts; and (4) writing, oral advocacy, and other practical skills."

  • The California Insurance Litigation Blog

    "Law and opinions on California insurance law."

  • The California Social Security Lawyer Blog

    News and developments in the area of Social Security disability law.

  • The California Supremes Blog

    "A blog for content related to the California Supreme Court."

  • The California Wage and Hour Law Blog for Employees

    "Focuses on wage and hour law issues of importance to employees: overtime, meal breaks, rest breaks, proper pay checks, waiting time penalties, independent contractor vs. employee, exempt vs. nonexempt employees, individual cases, and class actions."

  • The California Workplace Advisor

    Posts cover employment law with a focus on California, rulings from the National Labor Relations Board and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and wage-and-hour class actions.

  • The Candid Review Appellate Blog

    "The Candid Review offers a summary of recent appeal cases and news regarding the appellate law world."

  • The Cardinal Lawyer

    A direct link to the University of Louisville School of Law and to the dean's office for alumni and legal professionals.

  • The Careerist

    The blog has a stated goal of being a "career sherpa" for its readers. Some posts give advice to those who seek success in BigLaw or at least news about BigLaw hiring trends; other posts focus on women in the law and work-life balance issues.

  • The CFSL Bulletin

    "In an economy where consumers are driving reform, it’s critical for financial institution leaders to stay on top of evolving issues. The CFSL Bulletin is your source for candid legal thinking—and a place to share your own views—on significant news and developments in the consumer financial services arena."

  • The Chetson Firm, PLLC

    Posts include information relevant to someone accused of driving under the influence or other traffic violations in North Carolina.

  • The Chicago Bicycle Advocate

    Posts cover bicycle accidents in Chicago, the rights of those who sustain injuries in such accidents, the processes involved in reporting bike lane hazards to the city, recalls of bicycles and bicycle parts, and other bicycle-safety-related items.

  • The Chicago Injury Lawyer

    This blog focuses on Illinois workers' compensation law and personal injury law issues.

  • The Chicago Syndicate

    This blawg focuses "on the Chicago mob, also known as 'The Outfit.' In addition to featuring current news articles, it will also attempt to provide some additional analysis and background information. This site may also feature news about the mafia in other cities and reviews of mafia-related books and movies."

  • The Chronicles of a Blawgirl

    "Anticipate articles that discuss balancing law school and personal commitments, news in the legal world, frugal living tips and recipes, and law school life in general."

  • The Chronicles of A Capitalist Lawyer

    "The blog discusses various aspects of law, business and economics and is not a how-to blog. The themes range from corporate law to Islamic law, from lawyers job to legal education, and I usually use economic analysis of law in analyzing the legal issues that I discuss in my blog."

  • The Cipolla Law Group

    Posts cover U.S. immigration legislation and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services programs.

  • The Civil Action Channel Blog

    "Justice is truth in action," the blawg says, quoting Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

  • The Clark Law Office

    "Covering topics from personal injury, criminal, workers comp, and social security law in Michigan."

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