• ACS Blog

    This decidedly left-leaning blog from the American Constitution Society covers court cases and proposed legislation that threatens individual rights. Editorials coming from the likes of the ACLU, the First Amend­ment Center and gay-rights groups appear regularly.

  • Ad Law Access

    "Updates on advertising law trends, issues, and developments."

  • Adam Smith, Esq.

    Adam Smith, Esq. is "an inquiry into the economics of law firms." The blawg links to and analyzes articles about law firm strategy and profitability.

  • Adams on Contract Drafting

    Posts cover the blogger's thoughts on contract drafting and contract automation, critique other document assembly systems and otherwise explore language in legal contracts.

  • AdBriefs

    Legal issues affecting interactive, sport and entertainment marketing and promotions.

  • Adjunct Law Prof Blog

    Covers issues and information meant for adjunct law professors and labor / union law stories in the news.

  • Administrative Law Prof Blog

    Posts cover new academic scholarship related to administrative law and administrative law cases in the news.

  • ADR Law

    "Focuses on alternative dispute resolution and environmental law."

  • ADR Prof Blog

    "Intends to provide useful, timely, and insightful commentary about developments in the alternative dispute resolution field. We comment on the individual dispute resolution processes, latest law review articles and relevant books, interesting empirical research, as well as the various ways ADR is used every day in this country and around the world."

  • ADR Times

    Covers "mediation, arbitration, negotiation, diplomacy and peace. ADR Times publishes articles, news and debates, and provides an industry directory, event calendar, job board, and community space for public and professionals to connect and share insights." Most posts are excerpts of articles from the mainstream and legal news media.

  • ADR Toolbox

    Posts consist of links to other blogs' posts and news sources relating to alternative dispute resolution.

  • Advertising Law Blog

    This blawg provides commentary and news on developing legal issues in advertising, promotional marketing, Internet and privacy law.

  • Advise-In Solutions

    Posts contain advice and links to relevant articles for readers considering law school.

  • Advocate’s Studio

    Posts focus on the intersection of emerging technologies, social media and marketing and their impact on the practice of law, research and writing.

  • AdvocateKhoj Blogs

    "We cover the daily buzz in the legal community by providing information, resources and news on Indian law."

  • Affordable Care Act Review

    "Analyzing the Affordable Care Act's impact on employers and providers."

  • Affordable Housing Blog

    “Coverage and commentary on issues in affordable housing, community development and tax credits.”

  • Afua Hirsch’s Law Blog

    Posts cover high-ranking lawyers and judges, celebrity-related legal news stories and discuss the need for legal reform in the United Kingdom.

  • Aging & Law in West Virginia

    "A weblog of news in law and aging in West Virginia, brought to you by West Virginia Senior Legal Aid."

  • Aging in Place

    "Many adults care for aging parents, support their own children and face their own retirement. Seniors are an increasing proportion of society, economic benefits are shrinking, costs are rising. House neglect and home injuries are primary causes of relocating to nursing homes. It doesn’t need to be an inevitable fact of aging to live out life in a nursing home. Current laws allow those who are otherwise eligible, to be given the choice of care setting that is the least restrictive and most appropriate."

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