Science & Technology Law

  • Information Technology Law Blog

    "This blog will primarily focus on topics that are of interest not only to IT companies, but also many non-technology companies that encounter issues related to information technology, privacy and safeguarding propriety data." Also discusses intellectual property laws and issues.

  • internetcases

    "Legal developments involving the Internet and new technologies." Most posts summarize federal and state court decisions related to social media, blogging and copyright.

  • IPilogue

    "Covers pressing intellectual property, privacy, technology and related legal issues."

  • IT-Lex

    Posts cover e-discovery, technology law, data security, First Amendment issues and privacy law topics.

  • Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog

    This blawg covers "law practice management, the Internet and technology as it applies both in law practice and in all of our lives."

  • JOLT Digest

    "An online-only resource featuring short synopses of recent developments in all areas of law and technology, including significant cases and legislation in the United States and abroad. The Digest is designed to provide academics, practitioners and law students not only with timely access to important legal developments, but also with links to in-depth commentary on those issues."

  • Law, Technology & Arts Blog

    "The purpose of this blog is twofold. First, this blog will analyze key emerging legal issues in IP, technology, commerce and the arts. This analysis will ensure that our authors and editors at the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts stay abreast of emerging legal issues. Second, this blog will showcase research being developed by authors at the Journal."

  • Life Sciences Legal Update

    "Analysis and commentary on trends and developments in life sciences and health care law."

  • Madisonian

    This blawg is about "law, technology, society."

  • Michael Geist

    This blawg covers copyright and Internet law issues that arise in Canada.

  • One Page Blog

    "...We are so overloaded with information that if you cannot be brutally pithy and honest, it won't get read. Even though I spend most of my time negotiating complex licenses and wrestling with thorny technology issues, I want to use that experience to provide -- hopefully – useful information which can be summarized on no more than ONE PAGE." Discusses corporate law, licensing and intellectual property issues.

  • Patently-O

    Is described as "the most popular patent law blog and a daily read for thousands of attorneys and agents from every major IP firm, innovative corporation, and TC at the USPTO."

  • Patents4Life

    "I started this blog to begin a conversation about patent law and policy, particularly how it affects those of us involved in 'prep/pros' and, more particularly, how it affects examination policy and practice in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This blog will have a particular focus on biotechnology and pharma patent law and practice."

  • Pharma Patents

    Blog is written for an industry audience in the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical fields. Recent entries include: "Federal Circuit Issues Mixed Decision On Myriad Claims," "USPTO Backlog Update: One Step Forward, One Step Back" and "Supreme Court Says Bayh-Dole Act Does Not Trump Inventor Rights."

  • SaaS Agreement - Software as a Service Agreement » blog

    Posts focus on helping to make software law understandable.

  • Software Audit Blog

    "Articles dealing with legal issues affecting how technology is used in businesses."

  • Stockycat Blog

    "A blog by J. Adam Engel focused non-exclusively on the intersection between criminal law, the Fourth Amendment and emerging technology. Dedicated to the idea that effective law enforcement is not incompatible with a vigorous interpretation of the Fourth Amendment." "The Law of Cell Phones and Smartphones."

  • Technology & Marketing Law Blog

    This blog discusses Internet and intellectual property law with an emphasis on search engines, spam, adware/spyware, and other marketing issues.

  • Technology Company Counselor Blog

    "Discussing a wide range of topics affecting today's technology companies, including benefits and compensation, employment law, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, securities, tax planning, and transactional issues."

  • Technology Law Source

    Posts cover the law as it relates to digital assets, patent law news and e-discovery developments and trends.

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