Securities Law

  • Got Shares? (

    "Quiet Highway: Saga of a Gentleman. A blog about finance, law, and the journey of an amateur economist."

  • Hedge Fund Law Blog

    "A project devoted to the dissemination of basic hedge fund information for hedge fund managers, hedge fund start-ups and hedge fund investors. The blog is also devote to helping hedge fund managers consider both the legal and business aspects of running a hedge fund."

  • Heintzman ADR

    "This website discusses the nature and advantages of ADR and contains discussions about recent case law dealing with ADR. It will be a ready reference to important developments in ADR."

  • Investment Fraud Lawyer Blog

    Designed to educate consumers about current events in the financial services industry.

  • Investment Fund Law Blog

    "Provides updates and insights on legal issues for fund managers, investment advisers and investment companies seeking the latest information and analysis about the Dodd-Frank Act, Securities and Exchange Commission registration and examinations, alternative investments, due diligence, disclosure, Form ADV, derivatives and other issues. The blog also links to SEC rules and reviews, government statues and current news articles."

  • Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation

    "A blog that tracks and discusses important securities law and corporate governance developments in the federal, state and international arenas."

  • Law & Beyond

    "Legal news and analysis of current U.S. and foreign events." Discusses financial, international and corporate law.

  • Law & Industry Daily

    "Reports on U.S. civil courts, government regulation and public policy."

  • Lawyers Are from Jupiter

    "Securities law reports, matters and opinions in Florida."

  • Legal Op.

    "Legal news and analysis of corporate and financial law in the United States and Europe."

  • M&A Law Prof Blog

    Posts cover mergers & acquisitions activity, M&A rulings and analyses of those rulings, the contract process, private transactions and insider trading.

  • Mortgage Crisis Watch

    "Business and legal issues affecting loan repurchases, mortgage-backed securities, and mortgage insurance."

  • Navigating the Regulatory Maze for Investment Advisers

    Updates and interpretations of rules and regulations of investment advisers.

  • ON Securities

    "Securities, governance and compensation issues facing public companies."

  • Orrick Securities Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement Blog

    Discusses aspects of securities law, including new SEC legislation, current trials and whistle-blowing.

  • Palmetto Public Finance Forum

    "Discusses federal tax law, securities law and state and local law as it relates to public finance."

  • PomTalk

    This is a blawg for pension funds, hedge funds and other institutional investors that provides timely commentary and analysis of developments in the fields of corporate governance, executive compensation, securities regulation and related areas.

  • Ponzitracker

    Posts track the course of criminal prosecutions of Ponzi schemers and their accomplices as well as efforts to recover stolen funds for victims of these schemes.

  • offers a potpourri of posts mainly about corporate law. But Stephen Bainbridge isn't averse to expressing his opinions about social issues, religion, politics and (possibly his dearest passions) wine and food.

  • re: The Auditors

    "re: The Auditors is [a] specialized news site about the business of the Big 4 audit firms. Stories explore the role, responsibility and regulation of the audit/accounting industry in the global capital markets in an independent, objective, and usually critical way."

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