Sentencing/Post Conviction

  • 40 Days in Orange

    The blogger is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit for the 40 days of Lent, "minus Sundays because they are “little Easters.'" He is writing here about his experience during his short season "in orange."

  • Arkansas Criminal Appeals

    Discusses criminal court cases in front of the Arkansas Court of Appeals and Arkansas Supreme Court.

  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Texas criminal defense, criminal procedure, and other criminal law issues.

  • Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog

    This blawg covers topics such as felonies, assault and battery, violent crime, drug offenses and wrongful convictions.

  • Columbus DUI Information

    Posts deal with DUI laws, penalties, driving privileges and administrative license suspension.

  • Courthouse Confessions

    "In their own words." Interviews and photographs of low-profile defendants as they leave the courthouse at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan.

  • Crime & Consequences

    This victims' rights blog's posts often focus on events or policies that interfere with the swift meting out of criminal justice measures. They also cover criminal cases before the U.S. Supreme court and studies with public policy implications related to criminal justice.

  • Dayton DUI Information

    Posts about DUI-related info for Ohio residents. Topics include breath tests, field sobriety tests and getting a driver's license back.

  • Federal Criminal Lawyer Blog

    Bringing up-to-date information and news on federal criminal law in the state of Georgia.

  • Florida DUI Lawyer Blog

    Reports on DUI sentences, creative DUI defenses, high-profile individuals charged with DUI, and DUI law and order in Florida.


    "Devoted to bringing prison issues to light."

  • Gold, Leftwich & Wagner

    Blog includes posts on DUI charges, juvenile cases, substance abuse programs and field sobriety tests.

  • Governing Through Crime

    News about security measures, crime, sentencing and prisons (with a particular focus on California), and thoughts about crime's powerful impact on political strategies and how governments spend the taxpayers' money.

  • Illinois Expungement Lawyer Blog

    "Fact-based, easy-to-understand, and hopefully even interesting information about the current state of Illinois expungement, sealing, and clemency laws."

  • Injustice Everywhere

    National police misconduct statistics and reporting project.

  • Innocence Blog

    Posts cover resolved and outstanding cases in which lawyers are fighting inmates' convictions based on evidence of their innocence.

  • Innocence Matters

    Blog discusses wrongful convictions, and tracks court cases that Innocence Matters has been involved with. Recently the blog celebrated the organization's first exoneration, of a man named John Smith; he had been convicted of murder by false testimony.

  • Jonathan Turley

    Law and order news-of-the-weird, news stories concerning criminal charges against police officers and members of the military and scandals in the U.S. Justice Department.

  • Kansas Federal Defender

    Coverage of the 10th Circuit, sentencing rulings and content relevant to public defenders.

  • Landsberg Law Office

    "Hawaii and the Law through my eyes." Blog is written from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney. Topics include famous criminal cases such as the Casey Anthony murder trial and Dominique Strauss-Kahn's rape trial.

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