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  • The Corporate Observer

    "Publicizes and supports consumer rights and objectives through targeted blogging. Our blogs often discuss issues important to consumers in various industries including securities law, product defects, customer service, consumer scams and more."

  • The Coverage Geek

    "An entertaining and informative update on California insurance law replete with references to popular culture."

  • The Criminal Lawyer

    Analytical and philosophical posts cover criminal justice writ large: misconceptions about the rate of violent crime, how to fix the jury system, “overcriminalization” and the high rate of incarceration in the U.S.

  • The Cyber Advocate

    "Seeks to help attorneys utilize the tools and technology available to improve efficiency, decrease expenses, and better serve their clients."

  • The D.C. Law Report

    Blog discusses civil litigation in the District of Columbia, including Court of Appeals cases, legislative news and judicial nomination updates.

  • The Dallas Divorce Blog

    "Unraveling the tangled world of divorce and family law in Texas."

  • The Defense Rests

    "Thoughts (and rants)" about criminal justice news, litigation and legislation in Texas and beyond. Some posts are essays on personal topics.

  • The Digital Counselor

    Posts cover topics in Internet and Cybersecurity law, privacy law, and intellectual property as it related to technology.

  • The Dirt Lawyer’s Blog

    "Musings on commercial real estate transactions and law in Chicago and beyond."

  • The Dispute Resolver

    "The Home for Division 1 of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry on the Internet. This blog allows members of the Division and others to keep up with matters of interest to dispute resolution and avoidance in a construction context."

  • The Division 4 Triclinium

    "Focuses on construction law and project delivery issues in particular. Target audience is all construction lawyers, with a focus on contract and project delivery issues."

  • The Divorce Center

    Posts discuss issues a divorce client might face as well as the lawyers' experiences practicing family law.

  • The Divorce Collaborative

    "Divorce in Massachusetts and beyond, child custody, child support, alimony, and related matters. Emphasis on divorce mediation and collaborative divorce as alternatives to costly litigation."

  • The Dream Antilles

    The site is described as a "Litblog Where Magical Realism Thrives."

  • The Elder Care Firm Blog

    "Get the latest news in the world of Elder Care."

  • The Emerging Business Advocate

    Dedicated to addressing current issues that affect emerging companies in a global economy.

  • The Family Law News Blog

    Family lawyers share and analyze news about family law.

  • The Federal Criminal Appeals Blog

    The goal of the blawg is to cover every published opinion from a federal court of appeals that is a criminal defense victory.

  • The Fitzgerald Law Firm Blog

    "Posts cover a variety of topics related to severe personal injury and wrongful death and feature cases and tell the stories and lessons we’ve learned that can help prevent bodily injuries and wrongful death."

  • The Florida Jury Selection Blog

    "Jury selection is a critically important process and that it can be maddeningly difficult. We walk a tightrope over a minefield trying to find jurors who can be truly open-minded; people who will open up their hearts and minds to hear our client’s case. And we know from experience that in order for true justice to prevail, the jury that decides the case must be nothing less than omni exceptione majores—above all challenge."

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