Solo / Small Firm

  • Washington State Gun Lawyer

    "Primary focus on disaster preparedness, tactical and practical weaponry issues related to police, military and armed civilians. We also republish interesting comments and articles related to military history and security planning."

  • Web-Tones

    "Res ipsa loquitur (the Web speaks for itself and loudly)." This blawgger offers his take on technology, the legal industry and other blawgs.


    Helping clients understand Florida probate law.

  • West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Blog

    Posts cover criminal cases in Florida.

  • West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

    "Touches on relevant legal issues impacting our community, state and nation as well as topics that resonate with our clients."

  • Westchester Divorce Blog

    Matrimonial and family law.

  • Wexler Wallace Blog

    Posts cover class action lawsuits, white-collar crime and U.S. Supreme Court rulings related to class actions.

  • What About Clients?

    "What About Clients? is a weblog which contains my personal ideas and thoughts on servicing business clients as valued customers in American law firms. I started it in 2005 because I think that 1) the level of service at even the best American law firms is often inattentive and erratic—and that troubles me—and 2) even where service is sound, it can be a lot better."

  • What’s New in Employment Law?

    Employment law developments, particularly in California.

  • Whistleblower Lawyer Blog

    "A blog about Lincoln's Law (False Claims Act) and other whistle-blower laws."

  • White Collar Crime News

    Updates and commentary on white-collar crime cases in New Jersey.

  • White Collar Securities Defense

    "A blog tracking significant developments in notable white-collar and securities enforcement actions."

  • Who Is Your Lawyer?

    "Commentary on intangible property, fair use and parody."

  • Willens Law Offices Blog

    This blog posts are about personal injury law, medical malpractice, workers' compensation and the practice of trial law. Also repurposes the author's monthly column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

  • Wind Power Law Blog

    "Focuses on wind energy legal developments, especially regarding land use and zoning law, environmental concerns, and judicial and regulatory actions. This blog emphasizes wind energy developments in New York."

  • Wired Legal Blog

    "Wired Legal Blog is an intellectual property law blog that focuses on the convergence of creativity and law. This also includes brand protection, technology whether new, old or organic as well as arts and antiquities."

  • Wisconsin Employment & Labor Law Blog

    Devoted to labor and employment issues in Wisconsin and at the federal level.

  • Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog

    For attorneys practicing personal injury law in Wisconsin and consumers.

  • Wise Law Blog

    This blawg presents "articles and opinions on current affairs, news, Canadian and American politics, Ontario family law, Ontario employment law and important legal developments in Canada and the United States."

  • Women Criminal Defense Attorneys

    "This blog was created to consistently shed light on the great work that women criminal defense attorneys have done and continue to do around the country. We’re working to create community for women who specialize in criminal defense. We want to start building on images and narratives of women in this field so that a lasting picture can be painted. Women are taught not to brag and boast but this has the effect of leaving a void in our own story. I want to change that."

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