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  • Workbeat

    "We make our money off of racism, gender discrimination and ethnic intolerance. There is no shortage of work in South Florida, a melting pot that has never quite come to a boil."

  • Workers’ Compensation

    "Discussion and commentary of topics and trends in workplace illnesses and diseases and third-party claims. Discussion includes Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Medicare reimbursement and set-off issues, and medical treatment."

  • Working The Law: News and Views on Employment Issues

    "Views and news on Massachusetts and federal employment law."

  • Workplace Discrimination Law

    "Designed to help and inform plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs in employment discrimination cases."

  • Wright & Weiner

    Consumer-oriented posts cover personal injury and criminal justice issues in Las Vegas.

  • Your Community Resource: Washington State DUI and Criminal Traffic Blog

    "A discussion of Washington state DUI, criminal traffic law issues and DUI news, etc."

  • Your HR Nightmares

    "Provides regular entries and links to cautionary tales from the world of employment law. Occasionally it provides more in-depth 'case In point' posts that briefly analyze and offer words of wisdom from a published case."

  • Zachar Law Firm | Injury Blog

    Posts offer traffic safety tips and counter misconceptions about personal injury cases

  • Zen Lawyer Seattle

    "Patrick discusses his thoughts on personal injury practice. He believes all trials are plays, and a personal injury case is a 'tragedy.' Among his blog discussion is his theory gleaned from Aristotle in Poetics that tragedy at its highest level involves the audience (jury) in a universal cause-and-effect action where the jury pities the hero (plaintiff) and fears the adversity (injury) could happen to them. A catharsis takes place as the jury provides for fairness by way of a verdict."

  • ZombieLaw

    Arguing that the word zombie (and related words) are increasingly appearing in political rhetoric and legal discourse, posts focus on the use of the word 'zombie' in law and current events.

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